Word energy that changes the world

Everything is energy. The universe, if viewed as a large multidimensional living consciousness fabric, means that whatever has its own energy: whatever we can do, think, imagine, and even anything that exists despite our mind being unable To process it.

Here, too, communication has energy, and in particular human capacity to express in the form of sound, in the form of a word, what is happening within itself. In short, the verb, speaking, what we say, releases an energy that changes the world.

Why is it so important in all spiritual traditions, in all religions, to “verbalize” a prayer?
Why do the most wise people always talk little and spend every word?
Why did reading a sacred scripture, including the Bible, had a mystical meaning and spiritual elevation?
Precisely because the word, even written, has its own power. What then is the expression of our power.

Our ability to create reality, to create events, coincidences, opportunities, from intent, desire, and thought can be expressed in so many ways. An instrument is just verbalizing. When an intent is clear, the direction taken is clear in our soul, and we start to “vibrate” in the frequency that will then realize with events what we feel is appropriate, in this case the word has enormous power of great support . It is a catalyst, a facilitator, a multiplier of intent.

In many traditions we use prayer, mantra, affirmation. In fact, when we say in front of the mirror of wanting something, loudly, we are making the creative flow more stable than we just release with the deep intent.

If we communicate it to others, it is further amplified: the other will somehow put its energy into it, with this I will not say that if I say something to someone, if I communicate to him a wish, my intention, a new important project , The other then has the power to “bring me luck or misfortune”. Absolutely not.

Everyone has in his hand his power, even the power of the expressed word, and he alone is responsible for it. But it is true that speaking to others, we communicate to them our intent, and we activate their own energy in relation to the issue. And this could be a catalyst for us, a facilitator, for the realization of the intent.

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