Yehuiah Guardian Angel Born September 3 to 7

Yehuiah also dispenses the gift of subordination, because the agreement he grants is the ability to subordinate personal good; knowing how to renounce their comforts and privileges for a high cause or for the good of others, while going to meet discomforts and privations. The Traditional Text says that Yehuiah protects the worthy and honest Principles, assists everything that is higher in us. This idea of ​​protection also includes work. His energy will induce us to work for the Prince we carry in us, so that our lower instincts obey him: to force them to subordination. Yehuiah introduces our intellectual ego to the concepts of rigor, effort, and discipline. Everything will be considered as a competition, a tournament.

Yehuiah spurs us on to conquer the Truth, but does so in arduous and bumpy ways. People must first go through experiences of disorder, in which instead of dominating, they are dominated by events that force them to suffer, or to considerable work efforts, without anything being given to him, except for the support of sincere friends. The person can be the great intellectual worker, who through arithmetic operations, corrections and corrections, will come to the knowledge of the True. And it will be a genuine individual achievement, fruit of commitment and self-denial.

Furthermore, Yehuiah makes sure that the people to whom we grant the title of friends are very active, curious, rigorous. Saying things in explicit terms will be their specific peculiarities, the more things will be clear the more solid friendship will be. These friends will be the engine that will push the individual to work. Friends will be the tools (or guardians) able to correct what in our Life will not work in the right way; from them we will receive the strength of will, of decision, able to free ourselves from our perversities and lead us back to the path of the Law. In fact, through the feeling of friendship, Yehuiah plays an extremely operative role.

It is therefore necessary to pray to this Angel, cultivating through him above all the value of friendship. Just as an angel of friendship, Yehuiah also helps us to discover the deceptions, the traitors, the machinations against us. If invoked then gives the ability to discern and intuition, which allows the individual to accurately guess if people are sincere. In this way it protects from lies and prevents us from giving them faith by falling into the trap of the wicked. They are false friends, real enemies or bad thoughts, obsessions.

Yehuiah Day

People born from September 3rd to 7th can get results at any time.
Everyone can get gifts and graces bestowed by this angel during the days of his regency:

April 22 and 23
July 6
September 19
November 30
February 9
During the day from 10.40am to 11.00am

Powers Choir
Prince Camael
Earth Element
Zodiac home from the 11th to the 15th degree of Virgo

Yehuiah Prayer – Traditional Prayer, Psalm 32:10 Dominus dissipat consilia gentium, reprobat autem cogitationes populorum

Popular Prayer to Yehuiah

Yehuiah prince of the Powers, grant me your essences, so that, from the place that in the universe corresponds to my existence, I can fulfill my human task, and live in peace, in joy, in moral and material success, to discover the profound spirituality of my soul, which is the essential force of Life

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