Yelahiah Guardian Angel Born Oct. 29 to Nov. 2

Yelahiah is the 44th breath of God, and the angelic fourth ray in the Solar Chorus of Virtue Angels, administers the energies of Mars. Water dominant element; Zodiacal house from the 5th to the 10th grade of Scorpio. Anyone born under this influence loves to travel, be educated, and all his business will be successful. It will be celebrated for the successes and glories of its talent and its courage. She will be committed to keeping traditions alive and to keep the memories of things she wants. A traveler and researcher of historical facts, will clarify any doubts or coincidences of this life, through the memories of his previous incarnations. It will promote cultural images that offer people, in addition to natural beauty, historical content, to enrich them in their wisdom. Generous at work, he will always offer opportunities to all, because he feels that only through work can be achieved an ideal.

You will never be overcome by discouragement and nothing will prevent you from reaching your goals. He will be safe, competent and incapable of risking his name or reputation in suspect behaviors, letting everything develop spontaneously. He knows how to control his earnings, he is safe and smart in his investments, never risking something he has not yet. You will always express your love in a constructive way. You will always have the need to defend your dreams, whether they relate to family, neighbor, or cultural values. You will be respected, admired and able to find solutions to all problems. You will always be creating ways to enhance the intellectual elevation of society. It is the same inspiration as the angelic being.


Yelahiah Angel Horoscope

Love – Light penetrates flat in your heart to illuminate an aspect of the love you ignore. The dark clouds will be removed from this so essential area of ​​your life. You will agree with what is right and reasonable. Intense and satisfying love with the loved one

Money – Improving living conditions is already in place. Discussions on money will not lead to anything positive. An extraordinary fact will lead them to play an important role, and will trigger a radical, very favorable change

Health – You must master the external difficulties, to remain self-possessed in excess of passion, because there is a close bond between psychic life and material life. If you are masters of yourself, you are the master of the situation. Some friends will help with their advice, to stay fit

Career – Total professional success, provided that their activity is not in clear contradiction with the higher reality, with the angelic stimuli. Absolute success, at the service of a political character that can be taken as a model.

Esoteric Initiation – The light of the angel will allow you to understand good and evil

Yelahiah Prayer

The traditional prayer to Yelahiah is the 108th verse of Psalm 118 (Voluntaria oris mei beneplacita sint, Domine, et iudicia tua doce me)

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