Yeratel Guardian Angel Born August 2 to 6

Yeratel gives joy, ease of speech, possibility to enter harmoniously in relation to others. Helps to get success in every field and to quickly resolve all kinds of problems. Born under the influence of this angel is intelligent, balanced and mature. Able to balance their individual instincts accepting … not necessarily follow the advice and care of all manifestations. It has a strong initiative and perseverance, her clear and full life of joy, holding a noble and refined appearance. It will have protection against any kind of negative force and power invincible action. shiny and reflective will, so their efforts usually lead to success. They have an enormous capacity to meet the future, both through the oracles, dreams, projections, constantly reassessing their attitudes. Support for the arts and sciences and to mobilize a large number of people for an ideal. It will be in harmony with a full vision and understanding of the world.

Yeratel Guardian Angel of people born August 2 to 6 who can get results at any time.
Other days of his rule are; 16 April, 30 June, September 13, November 24, February 3.

Yeratel During the day reigns from 8:40 to 9:00 am.
Choir; dominations
Prince; Sachiel
Dominant element; Fire
Domicile of the Zodiac  degree 11 to 15 of Leo

Yeratel Invocation- Through invocation you can get; success in the literary field, winning in court proceedings, serene and peaceful relations with its neighbors and with people in general.

Yeratel Energies

Love – The two partners will love and appreciate for their proper value. However, should, avoid perfectionism, which slows the action, love and go on. The best years for the construction of the great love are: from twenty-eight to thirty-five years.

Money  – Through their social group they will have economic success, a world destiny; their signature will be recognized in all banks of the world. In any case, enjoy great economic freedom.

Health – It acts against the malfunction of the liver. Invoke it during the crisis read. In the case of concrete injury, you must certainly consult a doctor.

Career – Success in all activities in relation to light, dams, power stations, distribution of electricity, manufacture of streetlights, automobile optical components, cables, lamps, signaling lights, air and sea beacons. soul light: light readings, meditations

Esoteric Initiation – Pour in the World, in human society, high ideas of which no one knows its origin. In fact, consciously or unconsciously, convey the angel’s word

Yeratel Prayer 

The traditional prayer is the 2nd verse of Psalm 139

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