Caliel Guardian Angel Born June 16 to 21


Caliel Guardian Angel is the most direct collaborator of the Archangel Zaphquiel (who in turn grants to individuals the space-destiny in which their dramas will be lived): with a master’s hand he directs the values ​​of edification of the Material World, which constitute his specialties. Likewise, the person inspired by his influence will carry out his projects in accordance with the divine energies, without any will and without unnecessary blooms and will bear a strong mark on his professional environment. The person born under the influence of Caliel Guardian Angel…

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Lauviah Guardian Angel Born June 11 to 15


Lauviah Guardian Angel places the person in an area of ​​activity marked by the highest elevation: he realizes the function of interiorization of Thought, opens a harmonious vision of the Cosmos and exhorts us to make practical use of all that works according to the Celestial Laws. He is a very sweet angel and the person born under his influence has great affection and gentleness of character; also a strong artistic temperament and will love music, literature, philosophy and poetry. Lauviah Guardian Angel helps overcome obstacles; grants trustworthy friends, guards…

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Hariel Guardian Angel Born June 1 to 5


Hariel Guardian Angel gives the ability to see clearly, obtained after making themselves transparent. Hariel acts from interiority, directing the intellect of the person towards works based on Love, although exempt from sentimentality, logical and rational works capable of radiating comfort towards the world. Hariel Guardian Angel makes the intelligence bright and lively, giving clarity and thus promoting the logical path to success, moral and material. To get there you must avoid criticizing and ironic, to make love flow out of itself through the candor that makes everything beautiful, a…

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Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31


Mebahel Guardian Angel emits the energies of Venus, and indeed its influence leads to spirituality through the other, be it the partner, the spouse, the friend. Mebahel is also the angel of harmony in the couple, of love, of conjugal peace. If the person is able to set in motion the impulse of his guardian angel, the enlightenment will come through ever higher thoughts, permeated with love and wisdom. People will find allies in other people who like them aspire to pour into sublime ideas of unity love in society.…

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Iezalel Guardian Angel Born May 21 to 25


Iezalel Guardian Angel combines the energies of Uranus with those of the Sun, bringing to the person’s consciousness a message of loyalty to others and the perception of not being alone. Through the angel’s energy, the person is strongly driven to seek unity and union. Unity is also to be understood as harmony in our double androgynous personality, the interiority in which our masculine and feminine are united, and also as harmony achievable in a balanced relationship of couple, in which the male-female union is represented from two assorted people…

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Hahaiah Guardian Angel Born May 16 to 20


Hahaiah Guardian Angel, thanks to the Love that emanates, provides an effective armor against any adversity and the ability to dissipate them. Give peace and protection to all those who feel persecuted. His help appears in the life of the person, to instantly resolve difficult situations, forcing them to ascertain their providential presence. Love will manifest itself, through favorable events or the powerful support of friendly people in dramatic moments, will come from heaven like a dream, like an unreal fact. Hahaiah Guardian Angel causes the person to release very…

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Laoviah Guardian Angel Born May 11 to 15


Laoviah Guardian Angel manifests itself through attraction. It grants people born under its energy great wisdom, balance and diplomacy, strong ability to recover from difficulties, ease in making known their talent, success and luck in all kinds of activities, high economic and social levels, awards and celebrities. Laoviah Guardian Angel expresses above all inexhaustible strength, the first task of the people born in this period is to understand that their inner self can inhabit the common reality only in part. They are always also elsewhere, their mind, their talents and…

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Haziel Guardian Angel Born May 1 to 5


Haziel Guardian Angel is a kind of love machine, that is, an angelic spirit emanating unceasing love and friendship, thanks to which we can love and make ourselves loved, and through which every guilt is forgiven. Thanks to this gift, our Karma can be quickly renewed and lightened. When we ask and invoke Haziel Guardian Angel, his energy can solve anguished and disturbing events. Through the intercession of this guardian angel people will meet in their lives godparents and godmothers who feel towards them alive feelings of friendship and affection,…

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Cahetel Guardian Angel Born April 26 to 30


Cahetel Guardian Angel administers the energies of the Moon. Although his element is the Earth, he is also an Angel of the Waters. The energy of Cahetel fertilizes expands and advances all that is undertaken. With the Invocation, the people protected by Cahetel Guardian Angel will be able to succeed in everything related to fertility and agriculture, in all the professions related to water and navigation, to trade and all that comes from these areas. Cahetel Guardian Angel is considered the patron angel of the home and favors everything related…

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Achaiah Guardian Angel Born April 21 to 25


Achaiah Guardian Angel dominates the spread of culture throughout the world, fostering scientific discoveries and inventions useful to humanity. On the individual level, on the other hand, his mission consists in revealing to the person the possibilities connected to his mental or inner organization, guiding to use his thoughts knowingly to understand the externalization of Divine thought, and to use the faculties that derive to organize his life. , giving them precise meaning and purpose. The Divine thought that is emanated from Metatron, is poured into men through the energies…

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