13th Angel from 0 to 5th Degree of Gemini

13th Angel has granted you the supreme ability of persuasion, you will express noble and brilliant ideas with captivating grace. Your human journey will be smooth, easy, comfortable. You will have faithful friends and for this, you will have to share your fortunes and help them in times of emergency.

13th Angel Horoscope

Love – Through meditation and prayer, you can ask to be able to meet a love very dissimilar to us because from the opposite poles flows a feeling current that is capable of creating positive tension within the couple. It is through the union of opposites that this love will be fruitful, fertile, and lasting.

13th Angel Money

The angel offers those who invoke him with faith considerable gains in all that concerns the union of beings and things. Luck comes through the enhancement of the intelligent use of one’s image and the sociability used in relationships with others. Wealth can also come through the ways of publishing and publications on topics of the communion of interests between peoples.

13th Angel Career

Yezalel 13th Angel allows us to reach remarkable personal notoriety between thirty and fifty years, above all through their practical and useful intelligence. Success in the political field, excellent in the communicative type, and really important and magnificent for those who dedicate themselves to writing professionally.

13th Angel Health

Yezalel is a natural protector of well-being because it directs the individual’s thinking towards promotion and commitment situations, which alone are conditions for a consistent state of physical well-being. People under the protection of this Guardian Angel will, therefore, enjoy excellent health. If they are treated, they should seek medical attention who is also a friend.

13th Angel is always listening for you who were born May 21-25. In particular, the vibrations of this name reach their maximum power on the day of your birthday and in the five days given by tradition – January 21st – April 2nd – June 15th and 16th – August 30th – November 10th. The time when the angel expresses all the power of him is 04.00 am to 04.20 am.

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