1st Angel Vehuiah from 0 to 5 Degree of Aries


1st Angel Vehuiah gives will, clarity and quick thinking, organizational skills and the possibility of being spiritually enlightened. He helps us carry out competitions, exams and job interviews. He gives us the energy necessary to heal from diseases. He allows us the actual success of what we have undertaken.

1st Angel Vehuiah Guardian Angel of those born between 21 and 25 March. According to tradition 1st Angel rules another 5 days – March 21 – June 3 – August 17 – October 29 – January 9 and is present every day from 00.00 am. at 00.20 am.

1st Angel Vehuiah Horoscope

Love – Strong feelings. Loyalty of a couple that does not suffer over the years. Fertility. Sentimental success. Affirmation in social life. Exquisite taste for dress and ability to attract attention. Intense seductive magnetism. Love and Beauty.

Money – Patronage for the realization of large enterprises. Economic prowess in the fields of art, politics, science, and spirituality. Unparalleled generosity. Significant earnings in the areas indicated. Wealth – opulence in the second part of Life

Health – Migraines and anxiety, uncontrollable passions, which will be relieved and healed with calm and patience

Career – constancy and tenacity in difficult projects. Energy in competition. Creative works. Vocation for sport, research, exploration, navigation, travel. Successful in the youth press, in the publication of books on young people or on the world to come

Esoteric initiation – 1st Angel is in charge of indicating to his proteges the door that introduces the Divine Worlds. Their spiritual eyes will be opened in coincidence with a heroic act, for example, the rescue of shipwrecked people or victims of a fire, a car accident, etc.

1st Angel Prayer

I ask you to plant in my heart
The seed of the Divine Will
Because with it everything is possible!
Nothing is impossible to the Wills
Strong and determined!
I burn with impatience
Grant me your Essence, oh Vehuiah,
because it can quickly
progress spiritually and materially