Month: July 2019

Morning prayer to the Guardian Angels

Morning prayer To the guardian angels, Prayer of St. Francis de Sales. Holy Angel, you protect me from birth. To you I entrust my heart: give it to my Savior… Read More

Night Prayer Short Guardian Angel Prayer

Night prayer of consecration to your Guardian Angel to bless your life in difficulties.Very kind angel, my guardian, tutor and teacher, my guide and defense, my most wise counselor and… Read More

The Flower of Life, Sixth day of Genesis

The Flower of Life in its simplest form also called Sixth day of Genesis because it is obtained by the rotation of six circles or spheres. Corresponding each to a… Read More

Solomon’s Knot Complex Symbol

Solomon's knot in the complex symbol concealed behind this emblem can be found at least two major genealogies of meanings. The first concerns the appearance of the knot following the… Read More

Yud Lamed Yud 2nd Name of God in Kabbalah

Yud Lamed Yud Recover sparks: Reload when exhausted. When we find ourselves trapped in first gear, when our energy reserves are in a vacuum, and when we feel that our… Read More

Vav He Vav 1st Name of God Meaning

Vav He Vav Time Travel - How to renew the past. When we want to eliminate the crimes of the past to eliminate their painful effects from our lives and… Read More

Silence, everything is created in silence

Everything is created in silence: thoughts, words, inner peace and any other form of creativity. By dedicating part of your vital energy to silence, you will achieve inner peace, eliminate… Read More

Meditation with your Guardian Angel

In the Christian tradition meditation is considered a means of coming into contact with God. It is the indispensable basis for every journey of self-awareness and knowledge of life itself.… Read More

Positive statements are positive thoughts

Positive statements are positive thoughts formulated with the desire to instill new truths in the mind. By affirmation, we mean everything we think or say, including our inner dialogue. Even… Read More

Sensitivity is a rare gift made of intelligence

Sensitivity is a precious gift, the people who possess it are bearers of a good that is not acquired through study, even if it can be refined through experience. In… Read More