A treasure hid in a field of darkness

A treasure hid in a field of darkness. In the Gospel of Matthew, in chapter 13, there are seven parables. Among them, there are two that speak of the discovery of something precious, a treasure and a pearl.

The text says this: the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, a man finds it and hides it. Then he goes, full of joy, sells all his belongings, and buys that field. The kingdom of heaven is also similar to a merchant who goes in search of precious pearls. Finding a pearl of great value, he goes, sells all his belongings, and buys it.

This text can be read on several levels. let’s try to look at some of them to understand how they can help us on our journey.

The Kingdom is the pearl

The first level of reading leads us to understand that the Kingdom is something very precious. When someone discovers him in the field of the world, he decides to leave everything in order to enjoy the joy of possessing that treasure. The parable is very clear, the value of the Kingdom, of life in and with God, is inestimable.

Leaving everything is never a duty, but a question of love and attraction. I am able to leave something because I recognize that there is something more. I leave what I have in the knowledge that I am about to appropriate something that is better, that has a greater value.

And it is important that there is a deep and personal conviction, as probably the world, and many around us, will not recognize the same value and perhaps will not even be able to recognize the treasure.

The pearl and the treasure are like a fire, a deep desire, which is kindled in us. It devours us to the point of making everything else secondary, less important, less true.

So we understand the behavior of many characters of the Gospel, who after having met Jesus. They were able to make important choices, to leave home and family, to give part of their possessions, to put the Kingdom of God and his justice at the center.

You are the pearl and the treasure

The second level of reading is that in which we recognize ourselves as a precious treasure or pearl in God’s eyes. In his gaze, we recognize ourselves as creatures for whom God himself has chosen to leave everything, even his own life. To appropriate the lost pearl that we had become, to take with him the treasure that he had gone to bury in death.

It does us good to think about it under this gaze, especially in relation to our frailties, those that make us think that we are not worth enough, that we are not precious enough.

Darkness with a hidden treasure

Finally, there is also another possible level of reading. After the resurrection, the whole world, including our inner world, was impregnated with light. This means that even our darkness is a field that contains a hidden treasure worth discovering.

The Kingdom, in the logic of Easter, is a lost pearl in our darkness waiting to be rediscovered. Pain, sin, are all fertilized by love. Blessed is he who manages to discover these springs and quench his thirst in them. After the resurrection, everything truly contributes to good for those who love God and who know how to recognize him even in darkness.

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