Acceptance and forgiveness are angelic qualities

Acceptance, forgiveness, and harmlessness are important angelic qualities and fundamental parts of unconditional love. As all human beings experience these feelings and make them their own, trust and harmony will spread throughout the world.

Acceptance means welcoming others as they are, without judgments and expectations. Acceptance makes everyone free to be themselves. When we feel accepted, the qualities of our soul blossom like a beautiful flower.

The path for the development of angelic qualities, after acceptance, provides for forgiveness. Only when we sincerely forgive ourselves and others can we experience unconditional love. To practice forgiveness, it helps to understand that no one can do anything about it without our consent.

Forgiveness sets us free and heals us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is an act of love first of all towards ourselves and then towards others. It allows our spirit to be lighter so that we can see things from a different perspective. You can ask the archangel Zadkiel to help you forgive.

Another very important angelic quality for living in peace is harmlessness. When our soul is completely at peace, we are harmless and we radiate this quality around us. In doing so, every person or creature we meet feels safe with us. No one can enter our soul with negativity if we don’t allow it with our fear or lack of confidence.

Animals are able to read people’s souls and are excellent indicators of their harmlessness. Birds and animals surrounded St. Francis of Assisi because he emanated harmlessness and they knew they were safe. You can ask the archangel Gabriel to help you to be truly harmless and to spread this angelic quality.

Acceptance, forgiveness, and harmlessness are fundamental angelic qualities for being able to live in peace. Peace attracts peace and living in harmony attracts love.

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