Achaiah 7th Kabbalah Angel Prayer Meditation


Achaiah 7th Kabbalah Angel urges us not to judge the structure of events by the only appearances that we can perceive, from which all logic seems absent. The change that exists in everything must be the object of meditation, which can lead us to draw the necessary hope within us, to truly unfold our talents, and to put all of ourselves at the service of the world.

The qualities developed by Angel 7th are calm, inventive, perseverance, enormous practical sense, a rigorous vision of events. Intelligence is alive and ready, able to solve any type of problem, plus the love for the countryside and nature. Its energy gives the patience and application necessary for studying and performing difficult tasks.

Understanding of evidence, discernment, interest in science and speed of learning, ingenuity in the development of production and industrial processes in general. It is successful in the fields of natural sciences, ecology, agriculture, industry, and communications. It inspires man’s openness to the subtle faculties that sleep in us and pushes us to rise towards God.

Samiel is the Angel of the Abyss who contrasts the works of the 7th Angel. It represents a lack of hope. It brings confusion, discouragement, and ignorance, difficulty in learning, listlessness, easiness, laxity, cause impatience, impetuosity, envy, jealousy.

Achaiah 7th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for those who want to restore order in their lives. When his order appears fragmented and inconsistent, or certainties appear threatened. Meditating on this name reconstructs the original state that appears lost. Re-creates order from chaos, an organization from confusion, calm from agitation, drawing on the best potential that is in the DNA of our life itself.

Now focus your vision on the Name Achaiah, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting you permeate deeply and for a long time from its meaning, pronounce this intention: for the power of this Name I receive full energy from the forces of creation. Meaning is given back to life. The order returns. The structure reappears. Everything returns to the right place and in the best position.

Achaiah 7th Kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of all those born from April 21st to 25th, and another 5 days are January 15th – March 27th – June 9th – August 23rd – November 4th. Every day from 2.00 am. to 2.20 am. Achaiah 7th Angel Prayer – Psalm 103 verse 8.