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Achaiah Guardian Angel Born April 21 to 25

Achaiah dominates the spread of culture throughout the world, fostering scientific discoveries and inventions useful to humanity. On the individual level, his mission is to reveal to the person the possibilities connected to his mental organization, guiding to use his thoughts knowingly to understand the externalization of Divine Thought, and to use the faculties that derive to organize his life, giving it meaning and precise purposes. The Divine Thought produced by Metatron, is poured into human beings through the Mercurian energies of Achaiah, and exerts a powerful power of transformation over every natural creation. Therefore, with the help of this angel, the individual will be able to give rise to new and more profitable configurations in people and things, able to exalt, intensify, and put to good use all that matters most.

Thanks to Achaiah Guardian Angel the supreme power of the Will of the Metatron Will activates the Fire-drawing and the Water-feelings. Achaiah dissolves all that has primary character in order to create new circumstances intensely favorable. This dynamic of destruction-recreation will be installed in us in order to eliminate works of modest importance in order to re-create them. If the Angel is invoked, he will assist this path with absolute precision, making a gift of extraordinary intellectual lucidity. In the persons protected by Achaiah Guardian Angel there is the potential to transform reality, harmonizing in a very profitable way the ingenuity and the determination with the sweetness; in the same way he can dispense this gift to all those who invoke him.

Those born under this influence have a lot of spirituality, but at the same time have their feet on the ground, look at the horizon and have their minds in the stars. Even if you do not have opportunities for instruction, you will have a lot of influence and knowledge. It is always lurking in order not to miss out on any opportunity and has spiritual protection (intuition) to accept dangerous risks. He is obstinate, tenacious, and has a great need to know all sides of an issue. She is altruistic, immensely patient and understanding with everything and everyone. It will apply the knowledge of nature in ultra-sensitive machines, to contact with plants, animals or even the human brain.

Achaiah Prayer – Psalm 103:8 Miserator et misericors Dominus longanimis et multae misericordiae


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