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Advaita the Hindu doctrine of non-duality

Advaita a Hindu doctrine is an ancient religion practiced mainly in South Asia. It is a fusion of Indian cultures and traditions, of different roots and without concrete founders. The faithful refer to this religion as Sanatana Dharma, the eternal path or the eternal tradition. Within Hinduism, the Advaita doctrine is a non-dualistic branch.

According to this belief there is a unity between souls and divinity. This is between Atman and Brahman. It was Adi Shankaracharya (788-820), the Indian philosopher who shaped this doctrine from the Upanishads. The Upanishads are precious Hindu texts that renewed the remote Vedic religion until it became the current Hinduism.

The term advaita is a word made up of Sanskrit whose meaning is not two. A very important word and concept in the Vedic spiritual tradition. The theme of the Enlightenment is addressed in the Vedanta Vedas. He claims that reality is one, not two. That’s why reality is advaita.

For unenlightened humans, reality is made of subject and object. However, for this non-dualistic branch of Hinduism there is a being united with all existing beings, which generates absolute unity. What is perceived and the subject who perceives it form a unity.

Existential suffering derives mainly from the separation between subject and object. This is because in fact accepting the subject-object duality the individual is in conflict with objects. It is considered incomplete and therefore you need a job, a house or a car to end the feeling of inadequacy related to your condition as a subject.

The search for the desired objects and the ignorance of those who do not generate considerable suffering in the human being. All these problems arise from the mental function of conceptualizing, that is, dividing something which is not divided into parts.

Advaita and time

This doctrine applies its concept of non-dualism to everything. Be it to ideas, to consciousness or to the whole universe. And it does the same in its spatial dimension as in its temporal dimension. For advaita, space and time are an illusion. Everything that happens … happens here and now, considering this concept in a timeless and non-spatial sense.

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