Advent angels prepare us for Christmas

Advent Angels visit earth to prepare us for Christmas. They are angels of different colors that have different symbolic meanings. Advent is the four-week period that precedes Christmas. During this time of the year, something very special happens. Four angels descend on Earth to prepare us for Christmas.

Advent angels

Blue angel

Advent angel of the first week descends to Earth to prepare men for Christmas. He has a cloak of splendid blue color, interwoven with silence and peace. Is called the blue angel, the very color of his cloak symbolizes silence and recollection. He sings a sweet song with a melodious voice, but only pure and attentive hearts are able to listen to it.

Red angel

During the second week, the red angel arrives on Earth. He carries in his left hand a golden basket made with the rays of the sun that can only hold what is light and delicate. The angel would like to fill him with pure love to bring him back to heaven before the throne of God.

White angel

In the third week a white and luminous angel descends on Earth, it is the white angel. He has a ray of sunshine in his right hand, which he sends into the hearts of all men who keep pure love. These men feel happy, enlightened, and enlightened. Their eyes sparkle with love and in fact, white symbolizes the light that shines in hearts.

Purple Angel

The last week before Christmas, an angel with the mantle of a warm and delicate violet descends on Earth, it is the violet angel. This wonderful angel plays sweet and gentle music and sings a harmonious and clear song. His cloak symbolizes true love and his song is dedicated to the Child Jesus who descends to Earth accompanied by many little angels.

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