Advent angels, story of an infinite and pure love

Advent angels the story is very ancient and fascinates even the most skeptical, particularly loved by children, who are still pure and naive, are the only ones to see these celestial creatures. The Advent Angels each have a love message to deliver. There are 4 Advent Angels, like the weeks leading up to Christmas. The story goes that these angels come to visit on Earth wearing clothes of a different color, each of which represents a particular quality. It is a splendid, magical and intrinsic story of light and inner peace. In an increasingly chaotic world that no longer leaves room for inner listening, this story gives back to those who know it precisely: inner peace and the true meaning of life, love and mutual respect. Each Advent Angel wears a different colored dress, which represents a particular quality.

Blue – represents silence and inner recollection
Red – represents the warmth and love of the heart
White – represents the light of the heart
Purple – represents subtle spirituality, pure love and peace of heart.

Advent angels first week of December: Blue Angel

Four weeks before Christmas, something very important happens: a great angel descends from heaven, to invite the inhabitants of the earth to prepare for Christmas. He wears a large blue cloak woven of silence and peace. The blue angel represents the inner recollection and silence. Most people don’t notice because they are too busy doing anything else. But the angel sings with a deep voice and only those who have an attentive heart can hear it. He sings: (Heaven comes to earth, God comes to dwell in the hearts of men. Be awake! Open the door for him!). It is today that this angel passes and speaks to all men. And those who hear it start preparing Christmas by singing songs and lighting candles. This is the invitation he brings us to prepare for Christmas.

Advent angels second week of December: Red Angel

The red angel is the second angel who reveals himself in the second week of December who with his red cloak descends from heaven, carrying an empty basket with his left hand. The basket is woven with sunrays and can only hold what is light and delicate. The red angel passes over all the houses and looks, in the hearts of all men, for a little love. If he finds it, he keeps it in the basket to entrust it to heaven. And up there, the souls of all who are buried on Earth and all the angels take this love and make it light for the stars. Not surprisingly, the red color of his cloak represents love.

Advent angels third week of December: White Angel

On the third Sunday of December, an all white and luminous angel descends towards the earth. He holds a ray of sunshine in his right hand that has wonderful power. He goes to all human beings in whose hearts the red angel had found authentic love and touches them with his ray of light. Then this light enters the hearts of these men and starts to light them up and warm them from the inside. And it is as if the sun lit up in their eyes and descended into their hands, their feet and their whole body.

Even the poorest, the most humble of men are so transformed and begin to resemble angels, because they have a little pure love in their hearts. But not all the world sees this white angel. Only angels see it and those whose eyes have been illuminated by its light. It is with this light in your eyes that you can also see the little baby being born in the manger. White represents the symbol of light and shines in the heart of those who believe, represents light, present only in the hearts of those who can see the light of Christmas. The white angel brightens the heart and eyes that can feel and see Peace.

Advent angels fourth week of December: Purple Angel

The purple angel appears in the fourth and final week of Advent. He
appears in the sky with the purple cloak. The purple color is associated with the more subtle spirituality, it represents pure love and brings songs and joy to Earth for the arrival of the Child Jesus. The purple angel passes on Earth holding a golden zither with his left arm announcing the imminent birth of the Child Jesus. He plays very sweet music with this golden zither and sings a very harmonious and clear song. But to hear it you must have a silent and attentive heart.

He sings the great song of Peace, the song of the Child Christmas and of the Kingdom of God that comes on earth. Many angels accompany him and they too sing and rejoice in the sky. Then all the seeds that sleep in the earth awaken and the earth itself listens and winces: the song of the angels tells her that God does not forget her and that one day she will again be a Paradise. The purple color of her dress is formed by the union of blue and red, so her coat represents the love, the deep one, which is born when we are in harmony with ourselves.

Christmas arrives in the hearts on tiptoe, in silence, and often we are too busy from the outside to leave space in our interior. With this magical and delicate story, a little of that serenity that too often is missing in everyday life is transmitted. Stopping for a moment and thinking that there is something better also in ourselves and transforming this thought with gestures of love towards our neighbor but also towards ourselves is the best Christmas gift you can give to yourself and those around you.

This post was published on December 24, 2019 7:35 pm