Affliction is the most life-threatening poison

Affliction is subtle and often unclear to those affected. We spend a lot of time complaining about life and what it doesn’t give us. Then one day you have all the time you want, you can carry out your projects to create your dreams and instead immobilize yourself as if struck by poison … your affliction. We can define it as a set of qualities divided into Ignorance – Illusion – Attachment – Repulsion – Attachment to life and a strong fear of death.

Psychologically these disordered and misdirected qualities create anxiety, fears, and phobias up to the point of generating real pathologies. The main problem of the human being is ignorance, which is the lack of metaphysical knowledge. Our rational mind makes us believe that everything that exists is limited to our little world, to the needs of our ego, and the greedy needs of the personality, to which illusion is connected and nourished.

If we are immersed in the needs of the personality, we delude ourselves that we are only our physical body, a mixture of emotions, and a tangle of neurons. Nothing more harmful and poisonous to our health. The more we feel part of a whole, the more our compassion grows, empathy unites and the heart opens without fear.

If the heart opens, calm strength, and radiant, we are not overwhelmed by attachments; possession, passion, and attraction do not undermine our sense of identity. While if we want to be loved by everyone at all costs, if our serenity is someone else’s responsibility, we will always be unhappy. The same thing is true, even if obviously in the opposite way, for the energy of repulsion, if we are centered we love and include, we do not feel repulsion.

We all have a great fear of death and of what will be next. But even this is a limit, a need for the rational mind to control life and keep it to itself. Everything in the world is relative and everything is impermanent, so why worry? These forces together are strong, they create the affliction, a state of immobility that produces rot in our lives.

However, we can impress our desire to live and serve, as energy equal and contrary to this corrosive stasis. We can create a new antidote to the poison of affliction at any time and consciously create something useful to us and those around us.

This post was published on June 16, 2019 7:13 am