Aladiah Angel Prayer propitious forgiveness

God who always makes propitious and possible! Eternal that you know all the secrets of human nature and as a torrent of Light penetrate into my soul. Once you enter my home, the darkness that envelops me and gnaws me dissolves thanks to your power. torrent of energy that pours onto humans grant me . Strength that irrigates the spirits for drive away the torments and faults, put my body in harmony with the desires of my spirit.

who enters me before I ask you for help, without my voice calling you, you presented yourself in my aching heart. now that I understand and I see your mercy acting on my corrupt nature, do not leave me in my guilty loneliness, do not abandon me to my fate, to silence, to the hundreds of inner voices that accuse me of mistakes. You gave me back the strength to react spiritually by means of a bitter drink called remorse, gall that I swallowed with a single sip. It is this profound sorrow that cheers my blood, but my soul comforts me, which launches me with impetuous force into the conquest of new goals, of new hope.

Still, I doubt I fear I do not have the strength to continue in the future, in what I want to undertake. Hope you have stirred up in me with your presence that radiates love as you redesign with patience
and understanding the sketch of my new and happy life. I look anxiously at your affectionate gaze. I want to grasp and dive into it, bathe in your torrent of light, a torrent of fresh and transparent waters that wash all my faults and all my mistakes. Eternal journey towards You and, with each step, and grow.

How ungrateful I have been deaf to your calls without seeing your presence, without accepting your protective love. I now take the opportunity of your total . sei entered me to make me the receptacle of your divine grace; you came into me anticipating my cry for help, you opened my doors wide and my windows to show me new horizons. Stay here in me, because your providential and edifying presence brings me closer to the Divine Law and encourages me to respect it.

Your absence, on the contrary, would reject me in the ignorance that incites transgression. , let the state of remain in my existence and grant me to be part of the women and men who, like you, work for the progress of the divine work of Creation. Do that through my example, others, many others discover and … their and their . Let the ships lost in the sea of ​​material selfishness find the right direction towards God with a firm and determined will, towards the port of infinite Light. Eternal, it fills my inner emptiness with Your fullness. Make me a full being.


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