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Aladiah Guardian Angel Born May 6 to 10

Aladiah Guardian Angel represents the forgiveness of Karma related to the current incarnation. It rules over diseases and pestilences, in particular rabies and plague. Concretely, it means that its influence acts concretely in combating diseases, while on a subtle and symbolic level, it also counteracts the spread of destructive mentalities that threaten man by infecting the soul. Aladiah therefore responds to the invocations to obtain healings and gives people powerful faculties of healing, great gifts for careers in entertainment, teaching and medicine. By cushioning and repeating the energies of Uranus and Saturn, he leads them to the material realities.

Through invocation, the person can therefore get rid of his past, of any difficulty or painful constraint, to start from the totally renewed beginning. First, the body is regenerated, others and themselves are healed, then it is time for moral regeneration, and with it comes the erasure of all past faults and errors. Aladiah has the task of promoting love and wisdom that emanate from the energies administered by the Archangel Raziel; it is by his influence that love takes on material form.

Through it the person feels spurred to build firmly the wisdom emanated from above, which means that all his material activities will bear the mark of the Divine Greater Love. By virtue of Aladiah Angel human labor will have happy results; for this purpose it will be necessary for it to be collective, oriented towards the creation of social spaces in which the energies, qualities and powers dispensed by Raziel will be able to manifest and take root with the utmost vigor. He will most effectively help anyone who consecrates his existence to the building up on Earth of what is divine. It fulfills the prayers of healing from diseases, acts on the immune system and gives constant physical health. It provides healing energy and the ability to listen and heal others. It grants good fortune in companies, even arduous ones, success and luck in every kind of activity, celebrity, collective esteem. It protects the secrets we wish to conceal for good reasons.

Whoever is born under this protection, has a good heart, is correct in his undertakings, attends the best of societies and has an intense social life. He will be an angel on earth. Comprehensive, reserved and dedicated to the loved one. Endowed with great imagination, self-confidence, flexibility and ability to always choose the best path or opportunity. He will work hard and will spare no effort to live in a more just society. It will be a person bearing harmony, taking good care of the body, because its motto is body are in sound mind. You will understand the nature and cycles of life.

Aladiah Prayer – Psalm 33:22 Fiat misericordia tua, Domine, super nos, quemadmodum speravimus in te


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