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Aladiah 10th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Aladiah Kabbalah Angel occupies a special place among the numerous Guardian Angels who bestow the rare Yod Energy. Aladiah fulfills the prayers to heal from diseases, acts on the immune system and gives constant physical health. It provides healing energy and the ability to listen and heal others. It grants good fortune in all kinds of activities, celebrities, collective esteem.

The qualities developed by Aladiah Guardian Angel are kindness, sympathy, mutual help, compassion, dignity, and respect. Precisely because he grants these gifts, the more the individual does not indulge his angelic nature the more he can present defects opposite to these qualities. Ezékiel is the angel opposed to the works of Aladiah.

It solicits the dark side of the person, represents moral decadence, causes neglect and insensitivity to one’s own needs and those of others. It affects people causing them to neglect their health, studies, business, loved ones, their deep needs. It causes self-harm, sadism, masochism, lack of love and self-esteem.

Aladiah Meditation – the look can kill – I soften the look

Kabbala attributes to this Name the power to overcome the human tendency to look badly at life and others, thus feeling isolated and unsupported. And also to neutralize other people’s evil eyes

. The vibration of this name, therefore, provides a meditative tool to look at yourself and others with a more loving gaze, also frustrating the malevolence of others.

Now concentrate your vision on the Name Aladiah, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention – for the power of this Name my malevolence and distrust is reduced. A shield of positive energy surrounds me giving me protection against negative looks, envious looks and the petty intentions of others.

Aladiah kabbalah angel 10th is the guardian angel of births from 6 to 10 May. Other days of the angel’s presence are January 18 – March 30 – June 12 – August 27 – November 7. It holds the energies every day from 3.00 am to 3.20 am. It also particularly assists those born these days and at this time and this is the best time when everyone can invoke his help with traditional prayer (Fiat mercy, Domine, super nos, quemadmodum speravimus in you) Psalms 33: 22.

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