Aleph Kaf Aleph 7th Name of God Meaning

Kaf Aleph’s name is very difficult to understand if Jewish traditions are not known because it is linked to a typically cabalistic concept. The 22 consonants that make up the Hebrew alphabet are not just letters, but also numbers, signs, sounds. Consequently, the Bible is the set of books where, starting from Genesis, the works of God are revealed through these 22 elements.

The people of Israel first and the whole humanity then, normally do not welcome what God proposes, but operate according to their own will. But God is merciful and his patience and great kindness are demonstrated precisely through revelation … the sacred books, written through these 22 symbols. Aleph Kaf Aleph is linked to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are the tools of creation.

The creation is based on the words spoken, those of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet: when these 22 agents manifest themselves through someone’s mouth they become forces of creation, while when they are written they become a revelation, that is, a testimony, a reminder of the past and a prophecy of the future. Furthermore, the 22 letters were encoded in our DNA.

This important scientific discovery further reveals the importance of the Name Aleph Kaf Aleph, which gives the ability to go back from the written word to the word that generated it: the soul that is inside us. Not only in created things but also in the people who stand before us. Feel the words of a person who is in front of us, but actually have the ability to retrace these words, to go back to his soul to his DNA. Even returning to his past.

For example: take the book of a writer who wrote 500 years ago and be able to read it like no one else reads it, going beyond words and arriving at what the writer had inside, what he was thinking as he was writing. The God of Clemency is the chains that hold life together. If you use the name Aleph Kaf Aleph for your ego you can destroy life.

It means becoming a person of tremendous perfidy with words, which are not simply the expressions of a concept, but a mortal wound to the soul of those who is in front, making a disaster inside. This means using this tool for our own interests, which is written inside us if we are associated with this Name because this ability is there anyway and it can be used in one way or another. Aleph Kaf Aleph Psalm 102: 8

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