Aleph Vav Mem 30th Name of God Meaning

Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate a patient God waiting for our intervention to connect different entities. Between physical reality and the ultimate source of joy in the spiritual dimension. The hope and trust we find in Psalm 70: 5 are strongly linked to these entities. It is between these two realities, the physical appearance and the spiritual one, which must be constructed mainly through bonds. In reality, these two dimensions are only apparent, being matter and spirit a unique reality.

But our perception leads us to distinguish these two realities as if they were different things. The challenge behind the Name Aleph Vav Mem is the ability to understand that the spiritual dimension and the physical reality of things are closely connected. To the point that they are the same thing, even if we perceive them in a distinct form. Those born under the influence of the name Aleph Vav Mem can create these bonds that connect each physical event with the spiritual dimension and vice versa.

Who is tied to this Name also can understand how certain facts that have to do with our soul and our evolution, are those that cause the consequences on a practical level. These links are not just for understanding the connections between the part manifest and the unmanifested part of every event, but also serve people to be able to pass from one vision to another, thanks to the means that someone has created. In this sense, the bond, the viaduct, the bridge is hope and self-confidence in others and God.

We must remember the symbolic value of the rainbow as it is presented to us in the Bible. The rainbow is the bridge between heaven and earth that reminds everyone of the pact of friendship between God and men. Equally every link that man can build between heaven and earth, between matter and spirit, between man and God, is a help and a hope that is transformed over time into the certainty of a better future. This is the task of those who bear this Name. If, however, this ability to create bonds will be enslaved to one’s ego, then the bonds will be equally constructed, but they will be the wrong ones. The result will be to establish connections between the most deleterious parts of matter and spirit.

Unfortunately, we know that in the world there are also vices, and in the spirit also the Devils, and history brings us many examples of men and women, sorcerers and witches who have used their talents to make spells based on these ties. Despite all this can make people smile in this hyper-technological era, the possibility of connecting the forces of evil to us, and to our surroundings, people and things remain a real fact in the light of the power of Aleph Vav Mem.

This post was published on August 11, 2019 9:26 pm

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