Ambriel Archangel rules the month of May

Ambriel means Energy of God, he is committed to encouraging growth throughout the month of May. He is the Angel of growth, communication, and protection. May sees trees grow, shrubs are in bloom and the earth becomes fertile. A new cycle of life begins. Ambriel helps us develop and realize our inner potential and gives us the capacity for fulfillment.

This Archangel guides us to recognize the voice of God within us. By invoking the Archangel Ambriel, positive energies can be channeled and the relationship between appearance and substance will be balanced. He inspires us towards a clear and balanced communication between reasoning and emotions, intent on awakening our spirit.

Ambriel guides our conscience

He helps us guide our conscience towards the inner truth. Communication between soul and logic must find balance, so much so that it often seems to ask – Do we really want what we want? Ambriel helps us to go beyond the polarities within us, invites us to leave out the confusion that causes conflicts and helps us to clarify the doubts and disbelief that come from fear.

Seeing clearly allows you to defeat the fear of the unknown. It acquires a sense of trust and makes us understand that everything happened by Divine order. Ambriel is also associated with the awareness of being able to analyze things and discuss or communicate without criticizing or judging, he guides the conscience towards our inner truth.

Ambriel, thanks to his predisposition to protection, is also to be invoked to ward off or keep away negative energies.

Ambriel rules the astrological sign of Gemini.
Period – from May 22nd to June 21st
Color – Yellow, Emerald Green
Metal – Mercury
Mineral – emerald, malachite, green jasper.
Essences and fragrances – lemon
Day – Wednesday
Planet – Mercury
Lucky number – five

Ambriel Prayer

Angel Ambriel I ask you to help me focus my thoughts, help me to clearly see the truth in every situation, and to manifest my emotions. Eliminate everything I no longer need, including negative emotions. It purifies the negative energy around me, as well as inside me. It clears the fog of uncertainty in me. Turn my thoughts ingratitude to give thanks, open my heart, my mind and let my soul fly high. Thanks, so be it

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