Anauel 63rd Kabbalah Angel Qualities

Anauel 63rd Kabbalah Angel and Meditation. The developed by Anauel 63rd Kabbalah Angel, are sensitivity, generosity, universal love, tolerance, ability to offer mutual aid, logic and communication skills, strong commercial skills. Prayer to the angel gives protection from accidents and healing in diseases, peace, gains. Toxai is the fallen angel who opposes the of Anauel. It represents false wisdom and material ruin. It infuses selfishness, dissatisfaction, inspires all those who ruin themselves with their own hands, losing peace, well being and health due to wrong behavior.

Anauel 63rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation

Meditation on this name is based on an important premise: everything we take for granted loses value in our eyes. This is why a glass of water is worthless, but if the water is lacking, all the gold in the world would not be enough to pay the sip that saves us. The same applies to health, the safety of loved ones and so on. It is only by becoming aware of the appreciation of the most trivial things that we become truly rich.


Now focusing your vision on the Name Anauel, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting you permeate deeply and long by its meaning, pronounce this intention: I perceive gratitude and appreciation for everything that is granted to me. Pervaded by this awareness I understand all the riches that bless my and I feel rich.

Anauel urges us to recognize the value of the riches on all the plans and to work to multiply the spiritual riches in the Society. Anauel is the guardian angel of people born from January 31 to February 4, is part of the angelic hierarchy of the Archangels, responsible for transmitting important messages to God. They help good relationships, wisdom and studies. There are many passages with this angel, being one of the best known by humanity.

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