Anauel Angel 63rd of the Kabbalah Meditation

Anauel Angel 63rd urges us to recognize the value of riches on all planes and to work to multiply spiritual riches in the context in which we live. The qualities developed by Anauel Angel are sensitivity, generosity, universal love, tolerance.

Ability to offer mutual aid, logic and communication skills, strong commercial skills. Guardian Angel Prayer gives protection from accidents and healing in sickness, peace and material gain.

Toxai is the angel of the abyss that constrains the actions of the 63rd angel. It represents false wisdom and material ruin, instills selfishness and indifference. It inspires all those who ruin themselves with their own hands, losing their peace, well-being and health due to bad behavior.

Anauel Angel Meditation – appreciation –

Meditation on this Name is based on an important premise. Everything we take for granted loses value in our eyes. This is why a glass of water is worth nothing, but if the water were missing all the gold in the world it would not be enough to pay for that sip that saves us. The same goes for the health, safety of loved ones and so on. It is only by becoming aware of the appreciation of the most mundane things that we really get rich.

Now focus your vision on the meaning of the Name Anauel. Without thinking of anything else, breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention – I feel the gratitude and appreciation for everything that is granted to me. Pervaded by this awareness, I understand all the riches that bless my life and I feel rich.

Anauel Angel is the guardian angel of those born from January 31st to February 4th. And it is the birth angel of people born in these days – March 11 – May 23 – August 7 – October 19 – December 30. He rules every day as an angel of the mission from 08.40 pm. to 09.00 pm. Anauel Angel Prayer is verse 11 of Psalm 2.

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