Angel 2 Reading Esoteric Horoscope


Angel 2 Jeliel urges – listen to your opponents, they will reveal to you if you are presumptuous, reckless, or reckless. They are the mirror of what you have to expel from your nature. Observe the faults of your enemies and eradicate them from you, as they are your faults.

Angel 2 Jeliel Reading Horoscope

Money – Angel 2 stimulates an ability to be successful and financially successful in all activities related to ceremonies. To catering, to the celebration of events, to the organization of meetings. He promises significant gains from service activities carried out with dynamism and competent preparation.

Love – Angel 2 can be asked to have a life filled with love. Love for animals, flowers, the whole earth, and for our fellow men. Love for those who can give impetus to our ability to love with his grace and his beauty. This Guardian Angel makes marriages, relationships, and engagements happy.

Health – With regard to health, this Angel gives his admirers or those who invoke him the gift of fecundity. Easy, safe pregnancies, with quick and uncomplicated deliveries. He brings beautiful, cheerful, and lively children full of love for their parents.

It makes the procedures for adopting children easier, and the choice of the child who will become ours is more appropriate.

Career – Successful in difficult, arduous, violent, dangerous jobs. However, dialectical ease within the law. Success in advocacy, convincing speech, even with incredible reasoning. Chance of success as an international relations expert.

Esoteric initiation – Discovery of the Universal Laws through the path of the heart, of Love. An exalted, Holy Love, full of emotion, capable of understanding the mysteries of the Divine Work.

Angel 2 Jeliel Guardian Angel of people born from 26 to 30 March. Jeliel means Charitable God, angelic essence – Love and Wisdom.

Angel 2 Prayer

It is towards you that I turn
To implore the grace of your Light
Sweet and fragrant that, with your presence,
remove all darkness, all evil

Grant me your help so I can
fill my soul with happiness and joy,
of unlimited love, inextinguishable, to offer
to my life companions
Jeliel! Lord!

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  • Angel Jeliel, please protect and heal my granddaughter Oakley, March 28th is her birthday..... Please wrap her in love and light and tell her I love her very much.

    thank you