Angel Elemiah Meaning, Hidden God


Angel Elemiah Meaning Hidden God, His main quality is Divine Power. The Power that comes from a Faith capable of rising up to God. Whoever possesses this power knows that all good is possible. The good to be received and the good to be given transforms one’s heart into a source that can be drawn on in every situation in life. According to the angelic texts Elemiah can be invoked with this verse – Turn, Lord, and deliver me, save me for your mercy (Psalm 6: 5)

Angel Elemiah in the angelic hierarchy is a Seraph Angel.
He is the guardian angel of people born from 5 to 9 April.
In astrology, the element of Fire is attributed to him.
He has a zodiacal domicile from the 16th to the 20th of Aries

Angel Elemiah Invocation

You can invoke this Angel if you are preparing to travel at sea for work or for fun. And also to be successful in business and industrial activities.

Angel Elemiah grants the power of reparation

Reestablishment of rhythms and rules, and of the functioning of everything. He can also be invoked to end a difficult period and start a happy one. He is invoked to avoid excesses. This Angel ensures success in any professional activity, and thanks to him, one can access positions of responsibility and command.

Longtime opponents can become friends. By addressing the Traditional Prayer to him, people will accumulate wealth and above all power. This Angel has the task of illuminating and promoting the integration of our feelings, to our higher aspirations.

Angel Elemiah Qualities
Enthusiasm, combativeness, mastery of one’s own destiny.

Defects canceled
The systematic destruction of everything that doesn’t work well, outrage.

Elemiah Days
March 24, June 6, August 20, November 1, January 12. From 1.00am to 1.20am.

Chronologically Elemiah is the Fourth Angel of Kabbalah

Angel Elemiah Prayer

From the depths of my being, I ask you, Lord Elemiah, to reveal to me the power of the Divine Forces hidden within me.
This Force burns mistakes, anger, and torments and which gently warms, calming drink, true purifying nectar.
This Force in which all fears drown and negativity washes away, the dirt generated by my bad feelings.
Yes, let the perfect harmony between Water and Fire spring from my bowels, so that I become the pure and active man of the third millennium