Angel Energy is the breath of God


Angel Energy populates itself everywhere, giving their help without reserve to those in need. Heavenly creatures are where their task takes them, with the same magnificent lightness of the wind. And they are often associated with the wind, as Angel Energy is the breath of God.

The wind is often associated with the concept of energy, angelic energy that is carried and spread around the world by celestial creatures. The angelic energy spread by the angels is therefore Divine energy, the breath of God.

Angel energy how can we perceive it

When an Angel is at our side, a change in temperature and pressure can often be noticed in the room. If we pay attention, we will also be able to perceive a light wind that envelops and embraces us or a strong floral scent.

A light wind, which caresses our face, on a quiet day is nothing but a sweet caress of the Angels. But also a sudden gust of wind, which shakes us and draws our attention to detail, is their sign, a way to communicate with us.

The Angels come to remind us that the dreams we had as children are linked to our divine mission. They want to see us take off and they want to help us. They try to connect us with our purest desires and invite us to be grateful. It is with a grateful heart that we empower ourselves to attract even more blessings into our lives.

The Angels want us to learn to recognize the nature of this true wealth. They invite us to appreciate our abundance, not only material but also emotional. Recognize the good fortune of being surrounded by people we love and who love us.

Open your wings and take flight, there is a whole universe to discover inside and outside of you. Connect with your mission and your dreams. With the help of angelic energy much easier, you just need to want it, here and now.

Angel energy and Healing Energy

Angels are known to be messengers and protectors, but you need to know that what they give off is a powerful healing energy. Angels are made of unconditional love and glowing white light, or energy. So the angels are literally made of the healing component of energy medicine: the energy of light.

All angels are able to bring our mind or body into balance, but you can call upon the angels of healing if you wish. The angels of healing have the main task of handling any type of healing. These celestial beings are just waiting to be called to your side.

The healing I am able to bring is not just physical. The angels of healing are able to heal the wounds of the heart, the relationships, the relationship we have with ourselves. The angels of healing are also capable of freeing us from addictions of any kind. Since they are made of light energy, there are no restrictions on what they can heal.

They work directly with their powerful angelic energy, but they also make use of the material help of someone close to us, such as a friend, a doctor or a person who suddenly appears in our life.

All you have to do to bring their angelic energy into your life is to ask! Just like any spiritual guide, they will not interfere with your free will unless there is an emergency. After invoking them it is possible that you feel a tingling or warmth in the chakra related to your theme.

If you want emotional healing, you can invoke them before going to bed. While we sleep, we are more open to angelic ideas and guidance. When our thigh mind is at rest, our soul is able to receive messages and healings with ease. Emotional healing is very important.

If old traumas or negative emotions are not released, they get stuck in our energy field and eventually cause physical problems. So, if the chakras are blocked or you are processing difficult emotions, you can ask the healing angels to help you release it into sleep.

If you are in therapy, ask the angels to help you heal. They will make sure that the treatments you need to follow are more effective. If you need to see a doctor, ask them to let you see the right doctor for you. There is no limit to the healing power and help that the angels can provide you, the only thing you have to do is ask.