Angel Hierarchy Custodians of Individual Destiny

Angel Hierarchy the closest and most familiar to humans since they oversee all their occupations. They are the custodians of the individual entities, human beings and belonging to the plant and mineral kingdoms, or man-made objects. The Angels in fact reside in the cosmic space closest to Earth, that of the Moon.

Within the Angel Hierarchy, there are differences of many types, they are the builders of the forms within the four elements and the cosmic ether that contains them. In practice, they take care of correctly keeping the Divine Plan in the matter. Leaving Man the possibility, through free will, to advance and evolve this Project.

They are the custodians of individual destiny, making sure that the soul project is carried out on schedule. The Hierarchy of Angels is, therefore, the one closest to human beings and operates directly on their energetic nature. From this sphere, they guide the life of the individual who passes from one incarnation to another.

Angel Hierarchy in the Christian and Jewish tradition

The figure of the Angel in the Christian and Jewish tradition holds a position of great importance. We are now accustomed to observing in our cathedrals and churches, myriads of heavenly spirits circling over the vaults. Statues of Angels and Archangels that stand close to the walls with an austere gaze, holding parchments or swords, Seraphim and Cherubim accompanying Saints, Blesseds and Prophets in the paintings.

Angel Hierarchy in the Bible

Thus Matthew expresses himself in verse 18:10 (the angels of children are perpetually in the sight of the Lord). We teach our children that next to them there is a Guardian Angel who protects and supports them in times of difficulty. And in the Bible (On their hands they will bring you so that you don’t stumble your foot on the stone) Psalm 90,11-12.

And to lead him to the homeland of heaven: (Behold, I am sending an Angel before you to keep you on the way and to let you enter the place I have prepared) Book of Exodus 23.20-23. We can say that this last choir of the Angels is the most heard of our tradition, and with good reason, in our imagination, we see these Angels, beautiful, with their wings open to supporting us, in the difficulties and in the dark moments of our life.

Angel Hierarchy in the Esoteric Tradition

In the esoteric writings, the Guardian Angels we see them designated within the personality as Activity, Physical Body, Frictional Fire. They act primarily from the etheric plane of our earth and as we have seen, their dominion reaches the moon.

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