Angel of hope illuminates our path

Angel of hope illuminates our path along the path of existence. Hope is of fundamental importance in the life of every person, it also makes things that seem impossible possible. The Angel of hope has the purpose of instilling in all of us the light of hope. Who has seen this splendid creature tells that the angel of hope is much taller and more imposing than the normal angels, it holds a torch similar to the Olympic flame and is wrapped in a glow different from that of the other angels, most likely because it represents a light to the inside of another light.

It is able to transmit the strength and energy necessary to not give up in the face of life’s difficulties. The angel of hope like the archangels is able to be in more places at the same time and therefore can help all those who need it, instilling in them the courage necessary to face the situation, guiding them step by step and illuminating their path.

The angel of hope, as well as the archangels and guardian angels, is available to us in case of need to illuminate the path of our life; he is in fact aware that when our hearts shine hope, we are more confident with life. We must not do everything ourselves on our earthly journey. There is so much help available to us, as we always have only to ask, let ourselves be enveloped by the light and love of the angels and trust in the fact that with their intervention everything will be easier and lighter to deal with.

This angel helps us to overcome the inclemency of life. Those adversities that we were not prepared to live. It helps us also in the face of injustice, the Angel of hope teaches us that for everything there is a reason, that the way forward is fraternity. It takes away the sense of defeat and helps us to transform projects into great achievements.

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