Angel Nelchael symbol of victory over evil

Angel Nelchael offers support and victory, he is the guardian angel who symbolizes victory and knowledge, protects people born between 02 and 06 July. Real support to free the mind. Angel Nelchael is a guardian angel who procures victory over the forces of evil, offers the ability to keep one’s commitments, and fully assumes one’s responsibilities. Thanks to him, the vagaries of life and worries seem less present. Nelchael frees from existential anxiety, his name means one and only God, which is why he is often the support of the lonely, the discreet, those who need help.

Nelchael Guardian Angel of Cancer (2-6 July)
The guardian angel Nelchael is an angel symbolizing victory and knowledge. The person who was born under his influence has a taste for studies and will particularly appreciate mathematics, poetry, and literature. Rather discreet, these people prefer to take refuge in learning and develop their intelligence to identify with the help of their angel those who want to abuse them as liars and charlatans. The sense of responsibility and the accepted acceptance of his destiny make those born under this guardian angel a brilliant and determined person who always takes on his duties.

Angel Nelchael Pentacle

Nelchael Virtues and Powers – love, knowledge and premonitions, evolution, intelligence
Angelic choir – Thrones
Sephiroth – Binah which means understanding and Tipheret which means beauty
Archangel Prince – Zaphkiel
Water element
Hierarchical color – Indigo
Colors – pale blue and coral
Lucky stones – amber, chrysoprase, purple fluorite, carnelian, fire agate, green tourmaline, star ruby
Planets – Saturn and Sun

Why invoke Nelchael?

Guardian angel Nelchael helps you step back from events by promoting the logic of feelings. It allows you to emerge victorious over the forces of evil, on the whims of everyday life, but also on yourself, helping you to fully assume your responsibilities. Nelchael instills the truth above all preconceived ideas. Invoking this angel allows you to have firmness in adversity, compassion, mental freedom, but also to excel in mathematics and spirituality.

Guardian angel Nelchael guarantees ease of learning –
understanding of mathematics, astrology, and astronomy – improving concentration skills – the ability to anticipate events – protection against ignorance – protection against arrogant attitudes.

How to invoke Nelchael?
Michael’s days and regency hours are 29 January, 10 April, 24 June, 7 September and 18 November between 6:40 am and 7:00 am.

Prayer to Angel Nelchael

Angel Nelchael guide me to happiness.
Make my body the receptacle of your love
so that my heart opens to knowledge.
Develop my concentration,
promote my business, and my acuteness,
so that I can avoid the traps that will be set up for me.
May my transparency become the filter of your clarity
so that I understand what you want from me.
May your will be done.


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