Angel Nemamiah symbol of prosperity

Angel Nemamiah symbol of prosperity and evolution, if you are from the Capricorn zodiac sign and you were born between 1st and 5th January, your guardian angel is Nemamiah. Number 57 on the 72 protective angels, symbolizing prosperity. Find out how to invoke this angel and all his qualities. Nemamiah means praiseworthy God and deserves his great dedication, he has a militant character, he is truly courageous, autonomous, and respectful of the laws. This guardian angel governs discernment and has a great taste for life.

Angel Nemamiah Pentacle

Virtues and powers infused by Nemamiah Angel – Money, knowledge, premonitions, justice and life’s mission
Angelic choir – Archangels who are bearers of knowledge
Sephiroth – Hod which means glory and splendor
Archangel Prince – Michael head of the heavenly hosts
Earth element
Hierarchical color – purple
Orange color
Stones – Crystal, ruby ​​, and agate
Planets – Mercury and Uranus

Angel Nemamiah of Capricorn (1-5 January) protected natives who have an innate gift for strategy and analysis and are easily able to solve problems. Success and prosperity are therefore at the heart of these people. The mind is then developed and you can dedicate yourself to many causes that are close to your heart. The robustness it offers allows natives to be particularly combative.

Why invoke Nemamiah? You can invoke Nemamiah if you have relationship problems, since it corrects communication difficulties during discussions. Particularly vigorous, your guardian angel protects you from fatigue or moments of doubt. Thanks to him, the origin of the problems never remains unresolved thanks to a refined analysis of the environment. You can also invoke Nemamiah if you want more prosperity in your life.

Nemamiah concedes a nice strategic analysis. Strength before the test. Luck in the workplace. Quick adaptation to change If Nemamiah is your guardian angel, his days and hours of the regency is March 5th, May 17th, August 1st, October 14th and December 25th between 6:40 p.m and 7:00 p.m

Prayer – Angel Nemamiah! Since I must direct the strategy of my battles in the Society, may Love and Beauty be my goals, Lord! Help me, Nemamiah! so that there are no other plans, no other plans in me except to build the archetype that already exists in Heaven on Earth.

Give me the courage to face my responsibilities and the lucidity to do things on time, without haste, without skipping steps, even if without unnecessary breaks. I want to fight and advance to the Promised Land, but protect me, Angel Nemamiah, from the temptation to enter early, because my first duty is to succeed, here and now, with your angelic help.


This post was published on April 26, 2020 9:21 am