Angel of money evokes the unlimited grace


Angel of Wealth evokes God’s Grace, according to the ancient texts this angel can be invoked to satisfy the need for money, abundance, prosperity. Tzadkiel is the name of the angel of wealth, but he is also known by other names: Zachariel, Hesediel, Zachiel, Zedekiel, Tzadkiel, Zedekul, Sachiel, Hesed.

The name of the angel evokes the justice of God and the favor of God, he is in fact the Angel of wealth, abundance of money, benevolence, mercy and memory. It is the expansive energy from which the unlimited grace of God flows.

Angels of Wealth represents opulence, prosperity, majesty, and social prestige, but also physical well-being and exuberance. This Angel is also the one who deals with monetary energy. Because money like blood is the real lifeblood. The circulation of money must take place in a regular and balanced way. As in the case of all fluids within the human body, without stagnation and deficiencies.

Tzadkiel Angel of wealth

Is also the bearer of justice and supreme will, he must make use of these divine seeds in the world of human feelings, to spur the person to the achievement of happiness. It draws on the world of ideas to inform and order matter. Its generative power causes the emergence of desire. Therefore, in the energies conferred by this Angel, the forces of feelings are latent and urge us to conquer all that exists on earth.

This angel is generous and does not refuse to help humans achieve material well-being, so he is one of the most invoked angels in antiquity. Thanks to him you can achieve the realization of projects, success, glory. If invoked it will answer but test the applicant. Ambitions must be avoided by leading to excesses or by breaking human and divine laws because this angel of wealth is also the guarantor of justice.

Tzadkiel Angel of wealth can also help us to give up the superfluous, all forms of useless abundance, benefiting from its protection, we can and must try to find a balance. Tzadkiel Angel of wealth never manifests itself as a scary being.

You can invoke it whenever you need to to increase your economic well-being. He is very generous and does not disdain helping human beings to achieve well-being. The only downside is greed. Ask for the right and it will be given to you, bearing in mind that the right must also benefit, it must be shared with those who have less than you.

According to traditional texts, the Tzadkiel Angel of Wealth rules the angels of the dominions. In the tree of life, it resides on Chesed, from which the imperious desire that drives the person to achieve total and permanent happiness is released. This energy of desire is bestowed by the Angel of Wealth.

Angel of wealth prayer

Glory to You, Heavenly Angel Tzadkiel, Lord of the happiest and most serene tomorrow!
I ask you to free me from the past so that now I can take action and be successful.
I was alone, I lived in solitude, but thanks to the flowering of my Prayers, I can praise and exalt the Universal Spirit with you. Eternal Lord and Creator of the Universe to thank him for my moral and material success.

Tzadkiel governs the Dominions Angels

That is the Powers that establish the boundaries within which the created element will be able to act, in full compliance with the laws previously established by the Cherubim. If the new creation respects these boundaries, interacting harmoniously, with gratitude and sharing, the Dominions will instill in its trust, perception of abundance, and deep joy.

Otherwise, if ingratitude and inability to recognize the gifts received (as well as the responsibilities that are connected with them) emerge, they still come to the rescue, helping the person to understand that all things are in abundance.

In fact, Love gives, Faith receives, therefore faith is extremely important because if we do not know how to receive we will not even know how to give. The specific work that can be done with the Dominions is precise to develop faith, trust in oneself and in life, the ability to open up and receive from the surrounding world, to become capable of giving.