Angels instill the importance of gratitude

Angels instill the importance of gratitude. When we face difficulties and challenges, being grateful is something we tend to forget. I have experienced the difficulty of seeing the grace and purpose of all the trials that life has put on my way. Yet it is only by shifting attention to many things for which to be grateful that certain moments can be overcome.

Words alone cannot teach the art of gratitude. Human experiences and practice can help us in this, and of course the angels too. During my spiritual journey, angels really helped me learn gratitude. I know they may sound like nice words, but gratitude has really changed my life.

Being grateful is a fantastic tool for personal and spiritual growth. The starting point for learning to be thankful is acceptance. Try for at least a day to accept everything that comes to your heart in peace. Just accept, without even being initially grateful, because it may be too long a step to take. Just accept and be at peace with what’s in front of you.

Just like you can accept a rainy day, accept small unexpected events, discussions, and everything that is presented to you, remaining in peace. When your heart is completely at peace you will have made room for gratitude. When gratitude enters your heart, you will understand what it means to be grateful. At that point, the light inside each person or situation will shine so much that you will not fail to see the magnificent gift in front of you.

Throughout this process, angels can help you a lot. The angels of forgiveness and angels of gratitude can support you on the journey. In the morning, you can simply ask the angels to help you accept and make room in your heart for gratitude.

If you like, you can say this affirmative prayer, which the angels dictated to me and which helped me so much to learn to be grateful.

Gratitude Prayer

Angels of forgiveness and angels of gratitude,
make room in my heart and in my soul,
release me from all that is not needed
to my peace and my happiness.

Let me live in Gratitude,
for all that I have given and received;
for the challenges I faced e
for the journey I have traveled;
for the love I gave and received;
for dreams already realized e
for those I will make;
for the miracles already happened e
for all those to come;

for my friends and for my enemies,
that allow me to grow and evolve;
for my family and my home,
for your love, your guidance, and your protection
and for the love of God that always accompanies me.


This post was published on March 14, 2020 7:55 am