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Angels of beauty and art are the hand of God

Beauty was not generated nor can it die because it is eternal. In every beautiful thing, we, therefore, find a reflection of the perfect beauty of the Absolute. The Angels of Beauty, they try to shape of all things so that, always more, let divine grace shine in them.

As the Angels of the music are the voice of God, these Angels are His Hand, the hand with which he paints the picture on the canvas of the universe of his vision. Whenever man aspires to beauty and tries to model, paint or create according to what is highest he can imagine, he makes himself similar to the Angels of the Hand Divine and for a time their rhythm becomes his.

If he called them, they would come to him, giving him their visions and their genius of color and form. They would introduce in his mind theories and new ideas, in this way, it would come the tendency to follow the rules and the creative genius have been overcome could have complete freedom.

Invoke these Angels in your art schools, invite them to help you! Every ugliness will be banned and the whole world will be more beautiful. The message says that Beauty should be seen as a virtue and every child should see from birth to the extent possible, only that which is beautiful, graceful, and delicate.

The beauty and soul of all-natural things and it is hidden in every virtue, especially in love. Not there no other norm, no other law, nor any other great virtue exists like the love of Beauty because beauty is the essence of everything. Everything you do should be examined with this question: Will the result be beautiful? This is the ideal according to which a man should evaluate his behavior.

Welcome, then, to continents, nations, and men, the presence of these Angels, because they will calm the beauty of your worlds of the feeling of thought. Poets, painters sculptural dancers will be born in every family until the world itself will become a great and fantastic art studio.

In the past especially the Angels together with the Masters of Wisdom (men who have achieved great spiritual development and no longer need to be reborn in a physical body, with them there are also some great Beings that they come from other planets) had already communicated to those men who had disciplined themselves (disciples) science of harmony, and together with them, they had built cities and monuments of amazing beauty.

This post was published on December 24, 2019 6:16 am