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Angels of Beauty and Art Hand of God

Angels of Beauty are the divine hand of God. Beauty has not been generated nor can it die because it is eternal. In every beautiful thing we therefore find a reflection of the perfect beauty of the absolute. The Angels of Beauty seek to shape the form of all things, so that divine grace may shine more and more in them. These Angels are the Hand of God, the hand with which he paints the picture of his vision on the canvas of the universe. Whenever man aspires to beauty and tries to model, paint or create according to what he can imagine, he makes himself similar to the Angels of Beauty and art and for a time their rhythm becomes his. If he called them, they would come to him, giving them their visions and their genius of color and form. They would introduce theories and new ideals into his mind; in this way the tendency to follow the rules would be won and the creative genius could have complete freedom. Every ugliness will be banned and the whole world will be more beautiful. Beauty should be seen as a virtue and every child should see from birth only what is beautiful, graceful and delicate.

Invoke Angels of Beauty and Art

The beauty and the soul of all natural things and is hidden in every virtue, especially in love. There is no need for any other rule, no other law, nor is there any other virtue as great as the love of beauty because beauty is the essence of everything. Everything you do should be examined with this question: Will the result be nice? This is the ideal that a man should evaluate his behavior. Welcome to the presence of these Angels, because they will fill the beauty of the feeling of thought. Poets, painters, sculptors and dancers will be born in every family until the world itself becomes a great and fantastic art studio.

In the past the Masters of wisdom (men who achieved great spiritual development) had already communicated to those men who were disciplined (Disciples) the science of harmony, and together with them they had built cities and monuments of astonishing beauty. With the collaboration of the Angels you will build more splendid cities than those of ancient Greece because you will be reincarnated Greece. You have evolved since that time; Even the Angels who taught then grew up and together you can fill the world with splendid cities. You can shape feelings and thoughts; the Angels ranks will come to help you with this task. This is the vision of the future in which the children of God, Angels and men, will join in fraternal collaboration: a future of unlimited possibilities of splendor, for the realization of the Divine plan.


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