Aniel 37th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Aniel Angel urges to combine and harmonize between them feeling and reason to give the maximum effectiveness to their action in the world aimed at spreading truth and understanding of cosmic laws. Aniel qualities are: courage, inventive and decisive pragmatic character, rectitude, fruitful and high thoughts. Bubanah is the angel of the abyss that contrasts the works of Aniel Angel. It represents the difficulties that persist. It inspires the charlatans and those who live by deceiving others and instilling in people the fear of changing, deception, rancor. it causes economic difficulties and lasting obstacles, which it seems impossible to remove.

Aniel Angel Meditation

According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool to draw the whole vision to go beyond the superficial and restricted impression. If we want to grasp the true meaning of life, the vibrations of this Angel Name give us the vision that allows us to understand the blessings that are hidden precisely in the obstacles and challenges we face.

Now by concentrating your vision on the Aniel Name, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning and pronounce this intention: This name elevates my perception of the long-term effects of all my actions. I draw upon the ability to see spiritual challenges at all times, even before they become the basis of chaos and crisis.

Aniel 37th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – Aniel Angel leads to true union through dissolution. It is about the dissolution of a false love in order to form a true new love. The renunciation will lead to a great sentimental realization. To deserve the great love, one must rise above partisan friendships, rise to a world of ideal emotions after correcting the error

Money – money movements tendency to make gifts. The money offered will be very useful as well as the money received

Health – Aniel protects against heart diseases. People will have to be faithful to one love. They will choose. If they see for example that the elect of their heart is of a higher level, they will take advantage of the light of being loved to illuminate their existence.

Career – Exceptional fertility, effort and constancy will bring tangible, evident fruits. However the deserved fruits can be enjoyed only being docile to the initiatives of other people. Discretion at work.

Esoteric Initiation – Individuals will understand the angel’s message. They will know concretely what their mission in Life is. It will be enough for them to call upon their guardian angel before sleeping so that he may speak to them in their dreams.

Aniel Days

Birth Angel of people born in September 24 to 28, other days of the presence of this angel are:
April 27th
July 11th
September 23rd
December 4th
February 13th
Every day from 12.00 to 12.20

Air element
Zodiac Position from the 1st to the 5th of Libra

Aniel Angel Prayer

Angel Aniel Lord of joy,
my heart rejuvenates when your light illuminates you.
I ask you to free me from my worries
from all the loads too heavy for me,
because I want to move quickly on this path
that your light opens before me.
I also ask you to make my will firm,
because with this grace I could
succeed in everything: everything!
Help me Lord


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