Archangel Azrael Angel of Death

Archangel Azrael was initially known by Jewish tradition as Azra and scribe during the Babylonian exile and the Second Temple of Jerusalem was also mentioned among the Jews as the Angel of the Law. This figure in the texts represents one of the four Archangels of Heaven together with Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel keeper of the keys of Heaven.

Although of lesser value and not an Archangel, Azrael is also mentioned in the Christian religion. The Holy Bible simply indicates him as The Exterminating Angel or the Angel of Death. Archangel Azrael is in fact the tenth and last plague that descended on Egypt to take the souls of the firstborn male children, who lived in the houses whose entrance door was not marked with lamb’s blood.

Archangel Azrael represents death

Azrael in Arab countries is known as ʿAzrāʾīl or ‘Ezra’il or‘ Ezra’eil, literally translated from Aramaic as – he whom God helps – is the name traditionally attributed in Islam to the angel of death. Although it never appears in the Qur’an where it is usually referred to as Malak al-Mawt, which is the direct translation of Angel of Death. It can also be found written as Jezrail, Jezrael, Azrail, and Azrael.

Also known for his boundless cunning, he is generally portrayed as an angel under the command of God who represents death but does not personify it. He has four faces and four hundred wings, and his entire body consists of eyes and tongues, the number of which corresponds to that of the people who inhabit the Earth.

According to the Jewish religion, which also claims the death of angels after the Apocalypse, Azrael will be the last to die, constantly recording and erasing the great book of the names of men at birth and death. However, the so-called death of the angels is equivalent to a real fusion with God.

In the great book of Azrael, there are marked names of all living beings, those who will be born in the future and their dates of death, as well as the names of the angels themselves.

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