Archangel Jophiel means the beauty of God

The archangel Jophiel is as the meaning of his name suggests, the angel of beauty, harmonious thoughts, and balance. Archangel Jophiel has our balance very much at heart and helps us to find it not only in thoughts but also in the environment in which we work and live.

He reminds us that it is very important to get rid of all that is ugly and unwanted, starting precisely from negative thoughts and energies. If beauty is missing in our thoughts, it will not be present in our life either.

If we turn to Jophiel Archangel, he will make our thoughts more beautiful and consequently change the way we observe and face life. What Jophiel wants to teach us more than anything else, is that the more we appreciate the beauty present in our life, the more we will attract it to us.

This Archangel can also help us improve our outward appearance. There is nothing wrong with the desire to want to improve physical fitness, health, or external appearance. In particular, the archangel inspires people to smile, to radiate joy, and to have positive thoughts.

You can contact the archangel to ask for his help in many areas of your life, below a small list. Do not hesitate to ask for his intervention, because he will be happy to help you.

For all matters related to love
To improve self-esteem linked to the external aspect
To find the right balance between work and private life
When you want to get to know a recently met person better
To tidy up your material and spiritual life and eliminate unnecessary things
For when you want to let go of old emotions and behaviors that are not functional to your growth
When you want to enter the flow of abundance
To make your life more beautiful and interesting
To always have beautiful thoughts
To help other people smooth out an argument
When you want to be more diplomatic
When you wish to bring out your inner beauty.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer

Jophiel, I thank you for all the happy thoughts that have been part of me to date. I am grateful to you for all the joyful thoughts that the people who have been part of my life wanted to share with me and those that in the future I will still have the opportunity to welcome.

I entrust to you all my worries and my worries so that you can intercede for their best and fastest ascent towards conversion into the light. I entrust to you every unproductive, arid, or bad thought towards myself or those around me so that you can transform it into the best for me and those close to me. I entrust my emotions of fear and uncertainty to you so that you can regenerate them into emotions of joy and security. … .. (entrust to Him what you feel is limiting your expression of life).

This post was published on June 28, 2020 7:41 pm