Archangel of money, wealth, abundance, prosperity

The archangel of money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity is Zachariel. Also known as Hesediel Archangel, Zachiel, Zedekiel, Tzadkiel, Zedekul, Sachiel, Hesed. His name evokes God’s justice and God’s favor. Zachariel is, in fact, the Angel of the abundance of money, of benevolence, of mercy and memory. It is the expansive energy and from which flows the unlimited grace of God.

This Archangel represents opulence, prosperity, majesty, and social prestige, but also physical well-being and exuberance. This Archangel is also the one who deals with money energy. Because money like blood is real lifeblood. The circulation of money must take place in a regular and balanced way. As is the case for all fluids within the human body, without stagnation and deficiencies.

Zachariel Archangel of money is also the bearer of supreme justice and will. He must make use of these divine seeds in the world of human feelings, to spur the person to the conquest of happiness. It draws from the world of ideas to inform and order the matter. Its generative power causes the emergence of desire. Therefore, in the energies conferred by this Archangel, the forces of feelings are latent and push us to conquer all that exists on earth.

This archangel is generous and does not refuse to help humans achieve material well-being, therefore he is one of the most invoked archangels in antiquity. Thanks to him you can achieve the realization of projects, success, glory. If invoked he will answer but will test the applicant. Ambitions must be avoided by leading to excesses or breaking human and divine laws because this Archangel is also the guarantor of justice.

It can also help us to give up the superfluous, to all forms of futile abundance, benefiting from its protection, we can and must try to find balance. Zachariel never manifests himself as a frightening being. You can invoke it whenever you need to increase your economic well-being. He is very generous and does not disdain to help humans achieve well-being. The only contraindication is greed. Ask for the right and it will be given to you, bearing in mind that the right must also benefit, must be shared with those who have less than you.

According to traditional texts, Zachariel Archangel rules the dominions angels. In the tree of life, he resides on Chesed, from which the imperious desire that urges the person to conquer total and permanent happiness is released. This desire energy is conferred by the Archangel.

Archangel of Money Prayer

Glory to You, Zachariel Heavenly Archangel, Lord of the happiest and most serene tomorrow!
I ask you to free me from the past so that I can now act and be successful.
I was alone, I lived in solitude, but thanks to the flowering of my Prayers, I can praise and exalt the Universal Spirit with you. Eternal Lord and Creator of the Universe to thank him for my moral and material success.

This post was published on March 21, 2020 2:40 pm