Archangels bring balance to every aspect of our life

The Archangels as well as the angels are always with us, they guide us, protect us, help us in every moment of our life. In particular, they have the ability to be in several places at the same time. This allows them to help more people and to watch over more places.

Among all the archangels, there are five who make their presence felt in a particular way through the love, light, and protection they send us. These five archangels are known as guardian archangels or keepers of the Earth.

The Archangels, Keepers of the Earth

Archangel Michael

He is the angel of fire, justice, understanding, and the Blue Sword of healing. Depicted as a warrior with blue armor and sword, with a large red cloak and large wings of a very pure white. His energy helps us understand our lives and the world around us. His love of him is strong and protective.

He is the best archangel to call for purification. His flaming blue sword is able to remove negative energies and purify our thoughts. He has a strong and powerful voice and when he intervenes, he pushes us in the right direction.

Archangel Raphael

He is the angel of the air, of thought and healing. He is portrayed as the messenger of Heaven. He arrives at sunrise and guides us throughout the day. Raphael the Archangel brings us new understandings and experiences.

With his immense love for him, he allows us to see every experience with different eyes, and above all he allows us to eliminate all forms of judgment. He is at the head of all the healing angels, whom he calls and sends around the sick to assist them with healing prayers.

Archangel Gabriel

It is the angel of water, of emotions, and of the deepest desires. The angel of the balance between masculine and feminine and of compassion for oneself and for others. Gabriel is depicted with both male and female aspects, as his energy is very sweet.

The archangel Gabriel teaches us to balance the masculine and feminine energies present within us since we need both. He often gives us insights and illuminations on the behavior to have or on the decisions to make, he teaches us to be compassionate.

Archangel Ariel

He is the angel of the earth, of animals, and of all living beings. He brings peace, inner wisdom, and love. Ariel is the protector of the Earth. Ariel ensures protection and survival for all men, animals, and spirits. The archangel Ariel helps us understand that we are connected with all living creatures.

He shows us how our actions affect all life, from the largest of trees to the smallest of living things. He helps us to create and spread peace in the world starting from the peace in our hearts.

Archangel of the Spirit

It is the Holy Spirit, the angel of unconditional love, the angel of all. The archangel of the Spirit is depicted as a flame lit within our hearts. His form is of pure golden light. It is the spark that gives life and very often it is the angel who gathers our prayers to take them to Heaven.

Do not hesitate to contact the guardian angels, they will be happy to send us their magnificent energy and will allow us to bring balance to every aspect of our life.

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