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Archangels Choir in Angelic Hierarchy

Archangels are sent to earth for important missions with men. They are an angelic hierarchy above the angels and take care of various aspects of human existence. They are represented as winged and extremely bright creatures. Archangels are considered the main intermediaries between God and mortals. The Holy Bible shows the strength and power of the Archangels in the passage: however, the archangel Michael, when he contended with the devil and disputed the body of Moses, did not dare issue a judgment against him; but he said: The Lord reproaches you! (Jude 1.9). This passage shows the archangel’s strength in facing the devil, showing that he is an angel endowed with power and authority and that he holds a prominent position in the spiritual kingdom.

Archangels Angelic Hierarchy

There are still many doubts and inconclusive thoughts on the part of scholars about this angelic category. Some argue that it is formed by the angels Nemamiah, Heialel, Harahel, Mitzrael, Umabel, Iah-Hel, Anauel and Mehiel and that its dominant prince is Archangel Michael. Other studies derived from Jewish or popular thought point out that the category is formed by the archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jofiel

and Zadkiel (also called Sachiel and Zacariel).

Missions and powers of the main Archangels

Michael Archangel – the name Michael means – Who is like God. He is considered the Patron of the Catholic Church. Archangel Michael is the head of the heavenly army, the archangel of repentance and justice. He is believed to have overcome the forces of evil because in the book of Revelation he defeats the dragon.

Gabriel Arcangel – is the messenger angel of God, is mentioned several times in the Bible for bringing good news from God to mortals. The name Gabriel means – Strength of God. It is the archangel Gabriel who is responsible for directing souls to heaven after death. It was also he who announced to Mary that he was waiting for the son of God. It symbolizes revelation, announcement and hope.

Raphael Arcangel – The Archangel Raphael is the guardian angel of health, protects patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists. The name Raphael means – God heals. Raphael is mentioned only in the Book of Tobias. In Islam, Raphael announces the arrival of judgment day with the sound of a trumpet. It is also invoked as an angel that protects travelers.


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