Archangels Hierarchy in the Christian Tradition

Archangels Hierarchy second choir of the third heavenly hierarchy. Archangels are the most familiar angels in the Christian tradition. Specifically, the Archangel Michael to whom many miracles have been attributed and many places are consecrated in his honor. The Archangels belong to the second choir of the third celestial hierarchy. They directly direct the activity of the Angels and are sometimes sent by God with assignments of great importance to act directly with humans.

The Archangels guard the archetypes of the specific element created, placed within a species. They directly supervise the activity of the Angels placed in the custody of every single element. Archangels for its central position strive for the orders of the Principalities to reach the Angels. In that, they receive the illuminations of the divine principle hierarchically through the primary powers and benevolently announces them to the angels. And through the Angels he manifests them to us, humans, in proportion to the attitudes of those who are divinely enlightened.

Archangels Hierarchy in the Bible

In the Bible in the letter of Judas servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, (verse 9) the archangel Michael when he fought for the body of Moses with the devil, did not dare pronounce an insulting judgment against him, but said … The Lord scold you!

In the Apocalypse (verse 7) then a war broke out in the sky, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon fought together with his angels, 8, but they did not prevail and there was no place for them in heaven. And again the archangel Gabriel who is commissioned by God to explain the visions to Daniel verse (8, 16 and 9, 21).

The Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are at the head of the creative Hierarchies, they are desire-mind, They act by making the Voice of God resound which then finds manifestation through the lesser Intelligence. The remaining Archangels: Anael, Samael, Uriel, and Sachiel are called – the Regents of the Earth – because they govern the four elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Hence for the Christian tradition and for the Jewish tradition, the Archangels are Divine messengers, the protectors of the elements and against evil forces.

Archangels Hierarchy in the esoteric tradition

In esoteric traditions the function of the Archangels is much more than mere messengers and protectors, in fact, they are the energy of love, the astral body (or desire), solar fire, Kama-desire. Their domino is on the astral plane of our planet. The Archangels became experts in building a body with the substance of desire in very ancient eras. They are therefore capable of instructing and guiding less evolved beings such as humans and animals, to teach them to shape and use their desire body.

Their border expands to Mercury, the Archangels, however, like to expand and spread in the spirituality of the universe. However, they could not extend the life beyond a certain limit if something did not help them. In their expansion, the Cherubim entities of the spiritual space come to the aid of the Archangels. The Cherubim are a particularly high category of spiritual entities since they have the power to welcome the Archangels with open arms.

From this collaboration, so to speak, we have acquired an important concept, the first idea of ​​the cooperation of certain spiritual entities of the universe with our planet. And for us humans the idea of ​​a collaboration between brothers, as we are all children of our Mother … the Earth. It is possible to perceive the Archangels only in the wind and in the fire and obviously, you have to look with clairvoyant eyes for this beautiful powerful and protective Hierarchy of human beings.

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