Ask the guardian angel for protection

Ask the guardian angel for protection, it should become a daily habit for each of us. We all have a guardian angel who accompanies us throughout our lives, but we often forget about them. If we only became aware of how much help there is at our disposal, we would no longer feel alone and vulnerable and we would go through life at dance pace.

When we are worried about something our vibrations become heavy and negative. The fear and intense energy of worries can have devastating effects on our body and mind. This applies to us but also to others.

When we are worried about a person we transfer all the negative energy of our thoughts. On the contrary, if we make positive healing and healing thoughts, we will surround that person with a protective and joyful force and nothing bad can happen.

Ask the guardian angel of another person for protection, our love energy will pave the way for his guardian angel who can more closely join her. The energy of love is very powerful, it is able to open all hearts. that’s why when we send the energy of love to others, angels can more easily approach and perform miracles. It is as if our thoughts of love and our request for protection create bridges between people and their guardian angels.

When you ask the guardian angel for protection, always listen to your heart. and if you feel you have to send light and love to a friend or an unknown person, do not hesitate to do so. Darkness is afraid of light. Each of us can do his or her small part to allow light beings to our beloved guardian angels, to perform miraculous healings, to protect and protect those in need and to reach people’s hearts more easily. Make your prayers and thoughts become roads of light that the angels will travel to spread peace, love, justice and protection in the world.

This post was published on August 4, 2019 8:31 pm