Azrael Archangel Healing Heart Wounds


Azrael with his infinite sweetness is able to heal a heart that is suffering from the loss of someone or something. If your heart is broken due to bereavement or if you know someone who is experiencing a situation of this kind, call upon the archangel Azrael to give comfort to those in need.

When you ask archangel Azrael for help to overcome the death of a loved one or the loss of someone or something, he will envelop you with his sweet and affectionate energy and will comfort your heart. One of his tasks is precisely to help people understand the mystery of death.

Azrael wishes us to understand that death is simply another aspect of life. Only when we human beings understand that physical death is not the same as that of the soul, will we be able to overcome all fears related to this issue and let go of pain.

If we are melancholy because a person dear to us is no longer there, this archangel can help us, in fact, one of his tasks is to help people meet a deceased person in a dream.

Before going to bed, call Azrael next to you. Close your eyes and visualize yourself enveloped in a beautiful beige light, then say the name of the person you would like to meet in a dream. Before sleeping, don’t forget to ask this sweet archangel to remember all the following day, so thank him and sleep peacefully.

Although he is called the angel of death, Azrael can help us on other occasions as well. In fact, this archangel extends his hand to us in all the transition periods of our life, helping us to understand that everything has a beginning and an end.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have to overcome the difficulties of life, to feel the bond with God, and to communicate with the Angels and Archangels. However, we often don’t pray because we think it is difficult to do so or that it is difficult to remember all the things to pray for.