Barachiel Archangel of divine help and blessing

Barachiel, like the other Archangels, is perennially present in front of the Throne of God and fights superficiality in faith, lukewarmness, and sloth. In the Book of Enoch, he is described as an angelic prince with an army of heavenly spirits at his service. He is often represented with a bouquet of roses to distribute, in reference to his role as a distributor of graces.

This gesture of his is also interpreted as the symbol of the protection of priests, who distribute the faith to people through parishes – at the same time he is prayed for divine help against inconstancy. According to other traditions, Barachiel would be the protector of the month of February and head of the guardian angels.

Barachiel meaning – God’s blessing

He fights the spirit of sloth and religious superficiality, and lukewarmness. With a zeal for the good and with all seriousness in the commitment to one’s own sanctification, we can face this vice. Zeal for good is necessary for holiness for bliss.

Barachiel is invoked for the priestly blessing so that there are many blessing priests because everything is placed in the blessing of God. Barachiel holds the book of Blessings in his right hand as a sign of the blessing of the Lord, of the Holy Sacraments, and the administration of the precious treasure. entrusted to priests.

The Catholic Church designates him as the protector of marriages.
Barachiel also oversees the Guardian Angels. He helps people who want to send blessings through their Angels. This Archangel opens our hearts to be receptive to grasping the good, and helps improve relationships with the family, he is a great intercessor when we have marriage or infertility problems.

Barachiel Angel of Fortune

We can ask him to protect us from falling into laziness, indifference, and to give us joy. Barachiel intercedes for those who need prayers. Also called the Angel of Fortune, he is the bearer of balance in all parts of our life, including the patrimonial one. He bestows good luck, prosperity, and abundance in all its forms.

Barachiel Prayer for Financial Aid

Angel of Fortune Barachiel I ask for your help to open the doors to prosperity in my life at the speed of lightning. My trust in your help is in the faith that this is the mission that God has given you.


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