Being a prisoner of oneself is the worst slavery

Being a prisoner of oneself means losing one of the main functions of human existence – empathy. A self-centered person, as opposed to an empathic person, always talks about himself. Of his thoughts, with no real interest in the inner world of the other.

When she is alone, she says she feels abandoned, experiencing strong states of anxiety, for the simple reason that she does not know how to decentralize herself from her ego.

And it is precisely for this reason that a person who is a prisoner of himself does not know how to listen to the messages of growth that are proposed to him by those who want to help him get out of her condition of suffering. Sometimes, those who suffer from self-centeredness alternate between hot and cold moments.

There are days when she addresses a person as if he is her best friend and others when she treats him badly by accusing him of being mean or untruthful. Remaining self-centered means living in a constant state of emotional suffering, loneliness, and self-destructiveness, with highly inconsistent behavior.

It is evident that behind this condition there is a history of adolescent childhood growth marked by states of suffering. But it is also true that a painful past does not have the last word on an individual’s freedom of choice to take over the reins of her existence.

We humans were not born to be prisoners but to become free men and women inside and outside of us. Freedom is a conquest that passes through truth and love. And it is up to us to decide to take this path.

One remains a prisoner of oneself when one does not have the humility to ask for help. Or when, while asking for help, one does not have the deep will to heal, self-pitying for the abuse or mistreatment suffered. The greatest risk is to think only of your own pain, eliminating that of others.

The truth is, we all suffer on this earth. There is no human being who can tell a story of only love, encouragement, tenderness, sincerity, and encouragement. When you are a prisoner of yourself all that matters is to receive attention on yourself. This condition leads to losing sight of the presence of the other person, his needs, his desires, his feelings.

This condition is so serious that a parent can lose sight of a child, a spouse, his partner, a sister, his brother. When one is a prisoner of oneself one inevitably becomes selfish, in the sense that the whole world revolves around the tyrannical demands of one’s wounded ego. It is from this condition that the main forms of human dependence arise.

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  1. Will you help me to break out of my childish ego so that my sight is not lost forever? I never meant to loose sight. I am will do my best from this day thru eternity…..

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