Bene Elohim the seven planetary powers

Bene Elohim (Archangels) represent the seven planetary powers. However, these powers must be able to invoke them they represent a positive and a negative part. At the moment in which one works to reach them, there is a strange force that attracts man towards the negative expression of power.

This force is more convincing in that it draws the ego cult towards what satisfies selfishness. Only through a patient individual and collective work that uses meditation, invocations, evocations, and so on, is it possible to get in touch with the positive part of the entity and therefore to achieve the result of merging the microcosm with the macrocosm, the man with God.

Bene Elohim are part of the nine angelic powers, to which corresponds a virtue or a prerogative attributable to the human essence, called according to the lexicon most familiar to us
Angels (Ishim)
Archangels (Bene Elohim)
Principalities (Elohim)
Virtue (Malakim)
Powers (Tarshisim)
Dominions (Hasmallim)
Thrones (Eralim)
Cherubim (Cherubim)
Seraphim (Seraphim)

Of all these entities we have notions only on the infinite array of Ishim (Angels). They inhabit the earth’s aura and the Christian religion indicates it as the guardian angels. Indeed, the Psalmist says, we are only a little below these angels. Esoterically we can say that they represent the spiritual part of our conscience.

According to tradition, the Ishim (Angels) are under the orders of the seven Bene Elohim (Archangels) who represent the seven planetary powers. They are
Michael represents the sun and the virtue of faith as opposed to pride.
Gabriel represents the Moon and the virtue of hope as opposed to avarice.
Anauel represents Venus, which corresponds to charity as opposed to lust.
Camael, represents Mars, the force opposed to anger.
Raphael represents Mercury, prudence versus sloth.
Zachariel represents Saturn, the virtue of temperance as opposed to greed.
Oriphiel represents Jupiter, the virtue of justice, as opposed to envy.

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