Biblical angels animate every page of the Bible

Biblical angels are often called Angels of God or Angels of the Lord. This indicates that they are spiritual entities with which God manifests himself to men. In reality, biblical angels are something different from a simple Divine Image, since they can sometimes make themselves visible even assuming human features.

Messenger Angels

The first group of biblical angels is the messenger angels. Of all the angels mentioned in the Bible, the messenger angels are certainly the best known, their task is to bring God’s messages to men. The messenger angel par excellence is the Archangel Gabriel.

He appeared to the Virgin Mary to tell her that she had been chosen by the Lord to become the Mother of the Son of God. The whole story of the birth of Jesus has as protagonists the messenger angels, who in various ways and at different times, appeared to Saint Joseph, to the Magi, and the Shepherds.

Biblical Angels – The Savior Angels

The second group of biblical angels is the Savior Angels, who are meant to save men in danger. Or to avoid death when their time has not yet come. The Prince of this legion of powerful angels is the Archangel Michael, in the Old Testament, the book of Daniel speaks of him.

At that time Michael the great prince who defends will rise
the children of your people.
That will be a time of distress as there has never been another until then since there have been nations.
At that time your people will be saved.

Biblical Angels – The Angels of Healing

The third group of angels from the Bible is the angels of healing, led by the archangel Raphael. Raphael Archangel is mentioned only in Tobia’s book, where he plays a decisive role in the whole affair. Raphael after listening to Tobias and Sarah’s prayers, descended to earth in human form to help them.

Many also identify him as the figure of the helper angel, who answers the prayers of pure-hearted men who find themselves in difficulty. It is no coincidence that Raphael is the protector of travelers, who invoke his custody, just as Tobias did. Furthermore, he watches over all men’s spiritual and physical wounds and diseases, making miraculous healings.

Biblical Angels – The Destroying Angels

There is also another category of biblical angels, they are the destroying angels, mentioned in the book of Genesis when it speaks of the destruction of the city of Sodom. Most likely an earthquake destroyed the city, but since angels rule nature, including earthquakes, the destruction of the city is attributed to the angels.

Countless other stories in the Bible speak of angels and they all want to convey the same message. That is, angels constantly carry out God’s orders and infinitely love human beings.

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