Birth angel influences everyone’s personality

Birth Angel influences everyone’s personality, he protects us and accompanies us throughout our lives, always stimulating our virtues and qualities (this is their mission). But since we humans have free will, we often choose to vibrate and act negatively, in harmony with the Angel of the Abyss or Fallen Angel, which acts to bring out the bad side of our personality.

Our birth angel who is also our guardian angel is responsible for our virtues, ability to think and talents. To strengthen and enhance these qualities it is important to know the characteristics of our birth angel, thus managing to live positively and harmoniously with God and with everyone around us. Guardian Angels are important beings who add to the life of the human being.

They help us to see our existence differently and inspire us to take care of ourselves, increase our self-esteem and make our mood lighter. They are also responsible for nourishing our soul, helping us find the best path of spiritual life, bringing emotional balance and helping to deal with various situations that can occur in our routine.

In many texts, we find a confusion of functions and roles, but the truth is that our birth angel according to Kabbalah is responsible for us humans to increase our spiritual power. Therefore the guardian angel will always be by our side when we need it.

The specific day on which it acts most strongly is the day of birth when he is entrusted to each one. So this is the right time when it is closest to us on our earth plane. These days and times are the most propitious for us to say prayers and invocations to be more in tune with his energy.

Ask everything you need, if you don’t ask how they will know what you need. They need our energy of love to be closer to us, helping and guiding us. So, ask with all your strength, with your Soul, because your heart will be there.

As you already know there are 72 names of God, each name corresponds to the birth angel and the guardian angel, each of these angels governs five days a year. The 72 Names of God have been extracted from Exodus from three 3 consecutive verses (Exodus 14, 19-21). They are all made up of 72 letters each, these are the verses that narrate the climax of the divine intervention, the opening of the waters of the Red Sea.

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