Bless the money, financial help prayer

Bless the money. My economic well-being comes from God, for this reason, my bag is always full, every time the money comes out immediately it returns more than multiplied seventy-seven times seven.

Beloved God bless my money and help me spread it, enlighten me to find creative and innovative ways to earn money, and use it to meet my needs and those of all my loved ones with dignity and do good.

Help me to be an ethical person in order not to receive money only once but many times, applying the principle everyone receives and me too. That all the business and the activities that I carry out are lawful and that in carrying them out I can benefit as many people as possible.

Beloved God helps me to get rid of all the negative emotional charge that is the real obstacle to accessing wealth. Today I get rid of hatred, resentment, frustration, and sadness and replace them with enthusiasm and joy.

Give me an awareness of abundance to understand that for me to win nobody has to lose and that there is enough abundance and money for everyone because the universe is abundant and my possibilities of realization are infinite.

Help me use my intelligence to make the best decisions and understand once and for all that easy money doesn’t exist
Beloved God thank you because I am a being full of infinite wealth.

Bless the money prayer – follow the advice

We must not forget that the results will come in proportion to our faith to ask as much as our willpower. But if we persevere and try to repeat at least once a day to see our wishes fulfilled, we will soon get what we want.

We must also remember that once we have finished our prayer, we must not be impatient. But we must let the energy be freely mobilized, fully confident in what we ask for, and to be fully satisfied as if it had already happened.

This post was published on June 1, 2020 5:56 pm


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